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Adobe Audition on the Mac: Griffin Hammond Switches to VMware Fusion


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Griffin Hammond is a video editor, web designer, and graduate student at Illinois State University who has a couple key reasons why he needs to run Windows on his Mac.

First, as a filmmaker, Griffin knows the value of good sound quality.  And to get his sound pitch-perfect, Griffin’s favorite application is Adobe Audition, which only runs on Windows.

Griffin tried to use Boot Camp to help him use Adobe Audition on his Mac, but it didn’t provide him the user experience he wanted, and gave him some installation challenges.

So he switched to VMware Fusion, and has since then been really happy with the ease of installation, the ability to drag and drop files between his Mac and Windows environment, and more.

Now that he’s switched to Fusion, Griffin is really enjoying Adobe Audition on his Mac, in addition to Internet Explorer on his Mac, for his web design projects.

And what’s particularly neat about his video, is knowing that the sound was edited on Adobe Audition, running in a virtual machine, on VMware Fusion.  Pretty cool!

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