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Internet Explorer for the Mac: Levi Bethune Switches to VMware Fusion


Pete_s VMware Dell-1Levi Bethune is a print, video, and web designer (creative guy!  Check out his web page.) who loves his MacBook Pro for its simplicity and “just works” design.

But as a web designer, Levi needs to be able to check his designs across all the major browsers, like Safari for the Mac, Firefox for Windows and the Mac, and then, of course, Internet Explorer.

The problem is, Internet Explorer only runs on Windows.  Levi had been using Boot Camp to run Windows and Internet Explorer on his Mac, but having to reboot to get access to Internet Explorer–every single time he needed to check a design element–was driving him mad.

So Levi switched to VMware Fusion to let him run Internet Explorer on the Mac, and he’s been quite happy with the results, running Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on his Mac, side by side.


Adobe Audition on the Mac: Griffin Hammond Switches to VMware Fusion


Pete_s VMware Dell

Griffin Hammond is a video editor, web designer, and graduate student at Illinois State University who has a couple key reasons why he needs to run Windows on his Mac.

First, as a filmmaker, Griffin knows the value of good sound quality.  And to get his sound pitch-perfect, Griffin’s favorite application is Adobe Audition, which only runs on Windows.

Griffin tried to use Boot Camp to help him use Adobe Audition on his Mac, but it didn’t provide him the user experience he wanted, and gave him some installation challenges.

So he switched to VMware Fusion, and has since then been really happy with the ease of installation, the ability to drag and drop files between his Mac and Windows environment, and more.

Now that he’s switched to Fusion, Griffin is really enjoying Adobe Audition on his Mac, in addition to Internet Explorer on his Mac, for his web design projects.

And what’s particularly neat about his video, is knowing that the sound was edited on Adobe Audition, running in a virtual machine, on VMware Fusion.  Pretty cool!

Mac in the Enterprise Seminar: Apple and VMware Fusion Live in Washington DC

Apple and Fusion Seminar


Apple and the VMware Fusion team are holding a “Macs in the Enterprise with VMware Fusion” seminar this coming Tuesday, June 3rd in Reston, Virginia.

The event will consist of a handful of presentations by Apple and the VMware Fusion team talking about how virtualized Windows on the Mac solves many of the problems that have kept Apple hardware out of the business IT environment.

If you’re an IT professional, and interested in how VMware Fusion can help you support Apple hardware in your business, whether by extending the presence of already-existing Apple hardware, helping support employee or consultant-owned Mac hardware, or opening up Mac hardware as a choice that was never available before, register for the event and come by.

The event runs from 9:30 AM through 12:00 PM at Apple’s offices in Reston, Virginia.

The event is free, and you can register here.

Virtual Machine Windows Activation for Dummies: CNET Insider Video

Pete_s VMware Dell

Well, maybe not exactly for dummies. Smarties too. 

Anyone who’s installed Windows in a virtual machine has probably encountered the mildly irritating chore of having to activate Windows.

Where this irritation comes from, mainly, is the fact that Windows XP makes the assumption that if the hardware it’s installed on has changed substantially (for example, if you’ve converted a Parallels virtual machine to a Fusion virtual machine, and the virtual hardware has changed, or you want to use VMware Fusion to run your Boot Camp partition side-by-side with your Mac apps), then you might be running that copy of XP on more than one computer. 

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the case, as we who run Windows in virtual machines know all too well.

Tom Merritt does a great job showing how to deal with this painlessly and easily, which is a great service for new users, and people who may be switching from Parallels to VMware Fusion.


PC World: VMware Fusion Selected Best Mac Virtualization Software in PC World’s "Best Products of 2008" List

Pete_s VMware Dell

We got a treat Memorial Day treat.  VMware Fusion was named to PC World’s “Best Products of 2008” list.

Specifically, we’re listed as #79, which might seem pretty far the list, but which is still ahead of great products like the MacBook Air, Ubuntu Linux, and more.

 But hey, being the only virtualization product for running Windows on Mac on the entire list is honor enough for us.  Thanks PC World! 


Check Out iPhone Dev Camp, Coming in August

Pete_s VMware Dell-2

There’s a ton of buzz growing about the iPhone Software Developer Kit (SDK), and the army of cool apps that are going to be unleashed onto the iPhone via a vibrant developer community to-be.

Pete_s VMware Dell-3This is going to be a hot topic at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference in  June, (which, if you’re going, don’t forget to come to the VMware Fusion user’s meetup!), with lots of current mobile developers wanting to learn about how they can ply their trade on the red hot platform that is the iPhone and iPod touch.

Of course, a platform lives and dies by its developers, and having  a strong community around that platform only helps.  iPhone DevCamp, the first of which was held in July 2007, is blazing this trail.

iPhone DevCamp 2 is being held August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at Adobe’s offices in San Francisco.  If you’re a mobile developer, and are interested in checking it out, shoot on over to their site

The DevCamp is run on the BarCamp model of community participation, and is financed mainly through sponsors.  Speaking of which….

Cross-Platform Development for Mobile Coders!

The VMware Fusion team is a proud sponsor of the iPhone DevCamp.  Historically, the tools for the most popular mobile development platforms, like Sun’s J2ME, Symbian, Qualcomm’s BREW, and .NET Compact and PocketPC for Windows Mobile, have been Windows-focused. 

That is, the software development kits, and other tools that developers need to do development for these platforms have mainly been available only for Windows.  The iPhone SDK, of course, requires the developer to be running Mac OS X.  What’s a mobile developer to do?

For anyone looking to get into iPhone development, it’s going to mean a Mac.  And if that developer wants to continue his other development with Windows-based tools…there’s no better way to do cross-platform mobile development than with VMware Fusion on a shiny new Mac.  You can see why we’re so happy to be sponsoring the DevCamp!  If it has to do with multiple OSes running on a Mac, we want to be there!

So check out the DevCamp.  It should be a great time!

: Macworld’s Take on Windows on the Mac: "Best of Both Worlds"

Rob Griffiths over at Macworld has a great article online taking a deep dive into Windows on Mac and all the different things to look at when setting up a virtual machine in VMware Fusion

There article covers all sorts of great things like what version of Windows to select, how to tweak your settings, how to share data between your virtual machine and you Mac, and more.

Definitely worth a read, so bop on over and check it out.

Rob also recently had a great in-depth “first look” article at VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1

Glad to know you’re liking the software Rob!


The Apple Store Staff [Hearts] VMware Fusion

Pete_s VMware DellJust got a nice note from a friendly user (thanks Jeff!) that apparently VMware Fusion has been selected as a “Staff Pick” by the Apple Online Store staff.

We’re rubbing elbows with some pretty amazing software titles, including Final Cut Express (which, I need to check out, since we’re going to be making more and more movies for VMware Fusion TV on YouTube), Final Cut Studio 2, and Logic Studio.

In fact, it looks like we have the honor of being the only non-Apple software package in the “Staff Picks” section of the Business store.  That certainly gives a nice, warm fuzzy feeling first thing in the morning. 


Pete_s VMware Dell-1

Joshua Kaufman Switches from Parallels to VMware Fusion for CorelDraw on the Mac

JoshKaufman-1 Josh Kaufman is a graphic designer working in South Carolina. 

Recently, he was looking to get a new iMac for work, but knew that he would still need Windows on his Mac for a couple of reasons.

First, as a graphic designer whose weapon of choice is CorelDraw, Windows on his Mac was going to be a must-have. 

CorelDraw used to produced a Mac-native version, but stopped shipping that a while ago.

Also, as a guy who likes to keep on top of his work, Josh likes to use the Tasks feature of Microsoft Outlook, and Task synching is a feature that is still missing in Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.  So he knew he needed Outlook 2007 for Windows too.

Josh knew that Boot Camp wasn’t going to be the right solution, as he needed these applications to run side by side with his Mac apps.  He started out using Parallels, but was pretty unhappy with the results.

He’s since switched from Parallels to VMware Fusion, and hasn’t looked back.

You can read more about his switch to VMware Fusion on his great mini-site that he made for the contest.

And, of course, here’s Josh’s video:

Meet Up with VMware Fusion at Worldwide Developer’s Conference: June 10th, 2008 @ 6PM

Pete_s VMware Dell-6 Once a year forces align for a critical mass of Mac developer explosiveness in San Francisco. 

Yes, that’s right, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is right around the corner, running the week of June 8th.

So we’re taking the opportunity to host a user meetup in the heart of San Francisco to coincide!

Upcoming.org Event Listing

Facebook Event Listing

VMware Fusion [Hearts] Mac Developers

Being Mac developers ourselves, of course we’ll be at WWDC.  But one of the cool things about making virtualization software for the Mac, is that not only do we do Mac development, but we also make a great tool for developers who run Macs.

As we’ve covered in the past, Visual Studio developers are more and more using VMware Fusion on the Mac for great cross-platform development–they can start playing with Xcode on their Mac, and then pop into their Windows VM to do some .NET development.

And with the release of the iPhone SDK and the requirement to run a Mac in order to do development with the SDK, lots of mobile developers who currently develop in Windows for J2ME will be looking at getting a new Mac.  Of course, VMware Fusion can help them move that Windows development environment right onto the Mac, seamlessly.

Come Meet the Team!

The upshot is, there’s going to be a lot of VMware Fusion users, current and future, running around the streets of San Francisco for WWDC, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for  a good old fashioned user meetup.

As such, on Tuesday, June 10th, we’re hosting a VMware Fusion user meetup, starting at 6PM, at the Thirsty Bear, just down the street from Moscone.  Come say hi to the team, chit chat, geek out, whatever you like.

The event is timed to nicely fill the slot between when the sessions end for the day, and when the Ars Technica / Gizmodo blowout is later that night.  You can warm up with us, and get all the machine virtualization talk out of your system before it’s really party time.

You can see more, and RSVP here:

Upcoming.org Event Listing

Facebook Event Listing