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VMware Cloud on AWS expands across Europe and the U.S.

Written by May Tong


New features released in November 2018 at VMworld-Europe for VMware Cloud on AWS



Overall, our service is offered around the world.  Recently at VMworld Europe 2018, we are excited to announce our service expansions in Europe and the United States with new regions forthcoming in AWS Europe (Ireland), US West (N. California) and US East (Ohio). In addition, we are delivering new capabilities that enable our customers to protect, secure and run enterprise applications with confidence.  In September, the service was announced that it will be offered in Asia Pacific.



VMware Site Recovery for VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers “DR in a Day” with cloud economics. With this cloud-based disaster recovery as a service solution, we empower customers to expand and simplify disaster recovery operations with on-demand workload protection built on proven VMware orchestration, automation, and replication technologies.



  • Secure all data with native, software-based vSAN encryption for data at rest with AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Application-centric Security and Micro-Segmentation with VMware NSX
  • Distributed Firewall and Edge Firewall Logging
  • Granular network visibility for monitoring, security, and troubleshooting with flow and packet level visibility, and many more features to secure your infrastructure and applications


  • Fast, dedicated connection with VMware NSX / AWS Direct Connect Integration
  • Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications.
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) provides best-in-class migration capabilities for vSphere workloads with a variety of options that include, cold, bulk and live migrations without re-IP, retrofit or network re-architecture. In effect, it abstracts and removes the boundaries of the underlying infrastructure, focusing on the workloads.

Learn more:  In the November blog entitled “VMware Cloud on AWS expands across Europe and the U.S.”

Additional information in previous blog – September Blog: Check out the blog to learn more details about our new features on VMware Cloud on AWS


Start today! Validated your solution on VMware Cloud on AWS

In parallel to the growth of features and capabilities, VMware has had a successful year validating and adding many technology partners to the VMware Cloud on AWS ecosystem. Within a year, we have successfully validated partners in categories such as on-demand capacity, cloud migration, application migration, data protection, DevOps, analytics and many others.

VMware would like to thank our Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) members for supporting VMware Cloud on AWS ecosystem by validating their solutions. If you are a TAP member who has not yet validated your solution on VMware Cloud on AWS, we welcome you to validate your solution on VMware Cloud on AWS and leverage the benefits of our validation program.

To learn more about our joint solutions on VMware Cloud on AWS, please visit the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).  Recently, the following partners have validated their solution: Tableau Software, ClearSky Data, Inc, NetScout Systems Inc, Lakeside Software, Inc., ControlUP Technologies, A10 Networks, Transitional Data Services, eG Innovations, Inc., CloudJumper, and edgeNexus. Learn more about our validated partners on the VSX – VMware Solution Exchange.

2019 VMWorld – US and Europe Special for Validate Partners:

If you validate your solution and sponsor a booth, you will get a bonus listing in the VMworld mobile app under Partner Ready – VMware Cloud on AWS.  Secure Your Sponsorship Now for VMworld 2019 in San Francisco

Sponsorship sales are open for VMworld 2019 US, which returns to San Francisco on August 25-29. As part of our community, you are invited to connect with 21,000+ difference makers from 5,000+ companies at the forward edge of digital technology. Contact your sponsorship sales representative for more details:

Companies A-M: Shana Cosgrove, scosgrove@nthdegree.com
Companies N-Z: Bethany Porrazzo, bporrazzo@nthdegree.com

Testing Opportunities

Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS enables VMware Technology Alliance Partners to extend their applications that have been certified and are currently running on vSphere into the world’s largest hybrid cloud environment. Current VMware Technology Alliance Partners in good program standing have the opportunity to submit an application to test their application/infrastructure component on VMware Cloud on AWS. The application provides VMware with insights on your application, the services it requires, and the opportunities once testing is completed, to ensure mutual success for both our Technology Partners and joint customers.

There are two simple ways you can test your existing applications or infrastructure components with VMware Cloud on AWS. You will need to schedule in advance a no charge environment through our Real VMC (single host) capabilities to be used for up to 5 days OR you can purchase your own 1-Node, 3-Node or 4-Node dedicated development VMware Cloud on AWS instance at a discounted rate.


No Charge Environments for Testing

Once you have requested and submitted your application for testing and have been approved by the appropriate VMware stakeholders, you will need to schedule your test time (up to 5 days) on a Real VMware Cloud on AWS Single Host SDDC live environment. This testing is not intended for scale purposes but functionality testing in a single host environment. Upon successful testing in this environment and submission an exit survey, VMware will consider the application/infrastructure component tested on VMware on AWS.
Dedicated Development Instances for Co-development and Testing

Any VMware technology partner that wants to have their own instance of VMware Cloud on AWS for development & testing can purchase, at a discounted rate, their own Single Host, Three Host and Four Host cluster to leverage. The first step to accessing a dedicated development instance of VMware Cloud on AWS is to complete and submit a testing application.


Questions and Contact Information:

To get started, email vmcisv@vmware.com to complete an online application for each application/infrastructure component you wish to test.  For more information, please contact vmcisv@vmware.com or your TAP Account Manager.

Don’t forget to look into joining the Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP) before you validate your solution: Email TAPalliance@vmware.com for more information.


Resources and Helpful Links:

Learn more about latest updates on TAP program and TAP partner solutions:

Learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS:


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