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Helping IT Professionals Make Informed Choices Around Storage

Recently, on the Virtual Blocks blog, we’ve discussed how VMware Virtual SAN stacks up in some head-to-head performance tests. The results, intriguing as they were, caught the eye of some and generated some great conversation.

Let’s bring you up to speed:

  • Chuck Hollis then followed up these initial impressions with a second blog post, “VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 2,” where transparency became key to backing data findings. With the VMware Virtual SAN competitor’s refusal to allow any side-by-side comparison of their product for publication. That reaction increased interest around the Virtual SAN-only data results.
  • In Part 3 of the blog series, Hollis explored the comparisons as to how VMware Virtual SAN stacked up against the competition in terms of relative cost and performance. This piece demonstrated that VSAN accomplishes more with less money.

The results from this performance testing got the IT community talking.

For example, CRN, broke down Hollis’ comparison in “6 More Reasons Why VMware Thinks Its Hyper-Converged Tech Beats Nutanix.The Register, too, published their own side-by-side comparisons of the data findings in, “A testing time for storage – it’s VMware from Nutanix, by a nose.“

“When software is decoupled from hardware, customers win,” said Hollis.

We encourage all customers to make informed choices around storage.

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