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Where in the World are VCPs? [Infographic]

As 2015 wraps up another great year for VMware certification holders, we thought it would be interesting to illustrate where to find VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs). Hint: they are everywhere.

Which country do you represent?

VMWare VCP Infographic 2a_010416


Ed. Note – thanks to some of you for pointing out that some of the country shading looked off. We double checked the numbers and updated the image above. 



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  1. By your numbers I count 9% VCP holders in Europe but UK+Germany alone is 10% in the other section of the infographic.

    Definitely interesting to see VCAP/VCIX numbers. Last time I heard anything about VCAP it was 3000 certified professionals worldwide but that was a few years ago…

  2. I have 3 vcp certificates and I live/from Libya ..
    We have other engineers who are VMware certified, so why I can’t see my country mentioned please?!

  3. I have my VCP 5 and recently VCP 6. When I got my VCP 5 I got a free copy of VMWare Workstation. When I got my VCP 6 no such reward. Is VMWare not doing that promotion anymore? Any recent VCPs get a free copy of Workstation from VMWare?

  4. Seems to be missing in that infograph, I’m in Egypt and I think we have more than 200 VCP certified at least in Egypt so we do not found Egypt in infograph !!

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