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The NSX Network Security Roadshow – Coming to a City Near You

We’re taking our show on the road and bringing VMware NSX Security to a city near you. These free events are your opportunities to see how VMware innovations in network security can help you effectively detect, prevent, and remediate ransomware and other advanced threats, and have a little bit of extra fun while you’re at it! 

Turn to lateral security to mitigate ransomware  

Drop in and learn how you can protect your workloads from malicious actors by turning on NSX Security Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) capabilities. We’ll showcase tools that will enable you to control lateral movement without ANY changes to the network – including network segmentation, micro-segmentation, and advanced threat prevention capabilities such as intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), network sandboxes, network traffic analysis/network detection and response (NTA/NDR). 

You’ll come away with a better understanding of how NSX Security can help implement a strong lateral security defense that sees more and stops more, finding and evicting threat actors before they can do damage.   

All Fun and Games 

We invite you to come out and see NSX Security in action, and then stay for some drinks, snacks and fun! Following each of our events will be a networking reception where you’ll get an opportunity to mingle with VMware product experts and your peers.  

We will be raffling off an iPad mini to a lucky attendee, and if you attend and schedule a meeting while you’re there, you’ll get to customize a pair of Nike shoes that we will hand deliver to you.*  

Upcoming Events: 

Next stops for the NSX Security Roadshows are:  

  • May 2 – Dallas, Texas
  • May 9 – Atlanta, Georgia

Register and Secure your Seat 

Registration is open now, and seats are limited, so click on any of the event links for more information and register today.  

We hope to see you at an event soon! And in the meantime, here are some additional resources to learn more about network security with VMware NSX. 


Terms and Conditions 

VMware does not wish to circumvent, nor be viewed as circumventing any commercial or public sector procurement, business or ethics policies, or any federal, state, or local laws. Since such policies and laws vary, VMware encourages you to review your ability to participate in this event with your legal counsel or ethics official prior to registering and/or attending. It is neither VMware’s intent nor desire that you, your employer, or VMware violate any regulations or policies. 

Public sector employees or officers are not eligible to participate in receiving an item of value from VMware. VMware defines public sector as an employee or officer of a (i) government or any department, agency, branch, instrumentality and public enterprise whether national, regional, state, provincial or local; (ii) government-owned or controlled school, university, hospital, utility, port and airport authority, pension and sovereign wealth fund, and other similar organizations; (iii) public international organizations such as the United Nation, World Health Organization, The World Bank, NATO; (iv) entities (consortiums) that procure under public procurement laws and regulations; (v) tribal nation, first nation, or indigenous person governments and organizations; (vi) any other entities, even those that are privately held or publicly traded, that are: 

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Note: Because of Federal and other laws and regulations in the U.S., VMware’s definition of PS also includes publicly-funded and private K-12 educational institutions, publicly-funded higher educational institutions, and all libraries (e.g., E-rate and other regulations) and any healthcare program or provider that receives Federal or State funding (e.g., individual physicians, nursing homes, public and private hospitals given grants or participating in Medicare/Medicaid, ACA, or similar programs). 

* Offer good while supplies last.