VMware’s Karen Worstell Recognized as 2022 ISSA International Distinguished Fellow

At Black Hat USA, VMware senior cybersecurity strategist Karen Worstell was recognized as a 2022 ISSA International Distinguished Fellow for her dedication to the cybersecurity industry. This is a special recognition for people who’ve contributed to ISSA International and the cybersecurity profession significantly. Becoming an ISSA International Distinguished Fellow is the highest designation available and an extremely selective process, with only 1% of ISSA members eligible to receive this award.

ISSA Awards

In presenting Karen with this dedication at the awards ceremony ahead of Black Hat USA, ISSA International Board President Candy Alexander stated: “Karen is an industry recognized leader who has driven security initiatives as CISO for Microsoft, AT&T and Bank of America. In addition to Karen’s immense decades of experience, Karen is keen to support humanity and has become a chaplain with a focus on palliative care. Following her passion for helping others in need, she executes cybersecurity mentorship and coaching to give back to the community. Karen has a longstanding active ISSA membership for 20+ years. Karen’s ability to relate to people’s issues and challenges and to provide guidance and direction position her as a leader in business and life. Karen has demonstrated over the years her commitment to the information security industry through an exemplary work experience. In her contributions to ISSA locally and internationally, her cumulative contributions certainly met the qualifications for recognition as a Distinguished Fellow.”

Karen Worstell

“The thing that this award represents to me so much is the community,” said Karen in accepting her ISSA International Distinguished Fellow honor at the 2022 Awards Gala. “It’s just been an incredible journey over the last many years and I look forward to what’s coming. I would like to encourage everyone who is listening that this is the best career field we could possibly be part of. It’s an honor and a privilege to work in the field of cybersecurity. For those who are looking to move their career into this space – whether you’re just getting started or making a transition – I want to encourage you and support you. I also want to say that you can be what you can’t see. Over the years, who would have imagined this is where we would be today, doing the things that we’re doing today. We will be constantly reinventing this field. We will constantly be adding new knowledge and new experience. And it comes from an organization like the ISSA where we all work together, we support one another, we share with one another, and I can’t tell you what it means to me to be a part of this community.”

The full award ceremony can be viewed here.