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New NSX 3.2 Security Lab on TestDrive

This piece was authored by Tuan Nguyen and Roberto Mari.

We’re thrilled to announce the new NSX 3.2 Security on TestDrive now available as an innovative and easy way for VMware customers and partners to test and to experience our latest NSX 3.2 security capabilities. 

In this lab, you’ll get hands-on self-guided experience with NSX Advanced Threat Prevention features such as Malware Prevention, Network Detection and Response, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service, micro-segmentation, and more. NSX Advanced Threat Prevention is a suite of analysis tools designed to defend against advanced threats that use known and unknown attack vectors. ATP augments more common security solutions aimed at repelling known intrusion strategies.  

Single-click lab no setup time for NSX 3.2 Security features on VMware TestDrive 

The goal of this lab is to illustrate how easy VMware customer can discover by hands-on with new NSX 3.2 Security feature Advanced Threat Protection. This lab will help organizations to gain actionable insights into advanced threats and to defend against their Ransomware attack.  

 View of NSX 3.2 on TestDrive with zero-installation

To summarize: VMware NSX on TestDrive is a self-service portal, cloud-hosted product demonstration platform available to VMware customers now quickly can have instant access to a fully featured, globally available, and integrated suite of NSX 3.2 Security Lab all in single-click lab ready to use, no setup time with full documentation walkthrough to discover, self-testing all latest and greatest features of NSX 3.2 Security and more. 

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