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Infographic – Exposing Malware in Linux-Based Multi-Cloud Environments

Exposing Malware in Linux-Based Multi-Cloud Environments, a recent report conducted by the VMware Threat Analysis Unit takes a comprehensive look at attacks in Linux-based multi-cloud environments.

These malware attacks, according to the report, are often leveraged by the adversary once inside, which includes executing ransomware, deploying cryptomining components, and RATs.

The VMware Threat Analysis Unit analyzed nine ransomware families that target Linux-based systems providing brief descriptions of each and an analysis of the different characteristics of the ransomware samples of each of these families.

“The analysis of these artifacts looked at code fragments and other meta-information to understand the relationships between families, showing how it is possible to characterize similar samples and identify the lineage and evolution of specific families,” explains Giovanni Vigna, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence at VMware and one of the authors of the report.

The report also dives into some key analyses of the cryptomining components used in recent cryptojacking attacks, types of digital currencies mined, techniques deployed, and how the threat can be detected and mitigated.

Check out the infographic for key findings.

In the rapidly changing threat landscape, organizations must arm themselves with strategic and actionable threat analysis to detect and mitigate threats. To find out how to protect your multi-cloud environments, download the VMware Threat Analysis Unit’s newest report.

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