Modern Bank Heists 5.0 – Adversaries Are After More Than Your Money

Cyberattacks against financial institutions have escalated from heist to hijack and from dwell to destruction. In this episode of Ask the Howlers, VMware’s Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity, and Rick McElroy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, discuss the findings from this year’s Modern Bank Heists 5.0 report.

Gain insights on:

  • Chronos attacks – manipulation of time and reality
  • API attacks – how they have become an open door for island hopping
  • Cryptocurrencies – are they here to stay?
  • The shocking #1 attack vector
  • And much more

“[Adversaries] are not just trying to steal money. They want to hijack your digital creation, your digital persona, and your organization’s brand, and they will launch attacks from that. If you are a tier-one financial institution, a significant corporation, or you are partnered with one of them, more than likely, you will deal with a nation-state adversary that will get in. And how you manage and suppress that adversary in real-time without escalating to disruption will be up to you,” says Tom Kellermann.

Watch this compelling discussion and download the complete Modern Bank Heists 5.0 report.