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Learn About the Threats Lurking in Your Linux-Based Multi-Cloud

78% of the most popular websites are powered by Linux, which means malware targeting Linux-based operating systems are attacking multi-cloud environments at an alarming rate. Threats such as ransomware, cryptomining components, and remote access tools (RATs) take advantage of weak authentication, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in container-based infrastructures. To support IT leaders and cybersecurity professionals in their transformation to top-tier ransomware and malware defense, VMware is proud to sponsor a 1-hour long live webcast on Exposing Threats Lurking in Your Linux-Based Multi-Cloud, on February 28th, at 2 pm ET, presented by SC Media. 

In this exclusive partnership with CyberRisk Alliance, our subject matter researchers Giovanni Vigna, Sr. Director of Threat Intelligence, VMware, and Brian Baskin, Technical Lead, Threat Analysis Unit, VMware, explore: 

  • Existing characterization techniques and how to safeguard against sophisticated malware 
  • Ransomware and cryptominer power players that target Linux systems following cross-pollination and evolution 
  • How to fight back against these threats with a combination of approaches, policies, and mechanisms 

The webinar is an extension of the recently released Exposing Linux-based Threats Lurking in Your Multi-Cloud threat report, which included in-depth research conducted by the VMware Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) on the topics above and more. Our researchers deep-dive on malware, ransomware attacks, cryptominers, and take a methodical approach to what it takes to defend the multi-cloud environment. 

Download the report and reserve your spot today.