The VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone allows you to explore our enterprise-class technical resources (demos, release notes, best practices, overviews and more) that are organized and structured in easy-to-follow activity paths. Be sure to check out the latest news and insights in the “What’s New in VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone” October 2021 edition.

The new October edition is packed full of new VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone additions including:

  • Blogs and announcements
  • Demos
  • What’s New Series
  • Release Notes
  • Best Practices
  • FAQ’s
  • Deployment Considerations
  • Over and Architecture


“We are excited to announce the newest offerings added this month to the VMware Carbon Black Tech Zone site. You can see it all, from basic overviews and demos to in-depth reference architectures and operational tutorials,” explains Shwetha Madhan, Content Strategist, Tech Marketing Content, VMware.

Dive deep into our very best Tech Zone site to explore the easy to follow Activity Paths. The paths are divided into both product-focused learning, and more generate problem solution-based learning.

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