VMworld 2020: Intrinsic Security Edition

VMworld 2020 for Security Professionals


Across the globe, organizations today face more uncertainty than ever. The pandemic has forced every industry – including retail, manufacturing, financial services, education, and healthcare – to transition to a new norm. And in the midst of this ongoing transition, organizations have had to prioritize security to deliver business continuity. As such, security remains as paramount as ever in VMware’s Future Ready Solutions, and we are continuing to evolve, refine, and innovate so our customers can maintain business resiliency.

In the past 12 months alone, we have completed exciting acquisitions such as Carbon Black, Lastline, and Octarine to help solidify our vision of Intrinsic Security and equip our customers with the right arsenal to keep their networks, workspaces, cloud, endpoints, and workloads secure. Earlier this year, we released NSX-T 3.0, designed to enhance the Service-defined Firewall by incorporating distributed IDS/IPS solutions to better protect east-west traffic in the data center. As recent as last week, we announced the general availability of VMware Horizon 8, with a strong emphasis on ensuring that the Blast Extreme protocol delivers the highest security when end users access virtual desktops and applications remotely on any network.

These are certainly major milestones, but this is just a glimpse into VMware’s commitment to helping customers build secure businesses for the new norm. At VMworld 2020, we will be unveiling new innovations, integrations, and upgrades designed to empower organizations for the ever-changing security landscape. There will be numerous sessions and demos covering an expansive range of topics, but if your priority is security, these are the sessions you should consider checking out.

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Top Security Sessions

Network Security

  1. East-West is the New Perimeter. The Cutting Edge of Datacenter Firewalling [ISWS2944]
  2. How VMware IT Secured Applications Using Service-defined Firewall [ISNS1117]
  3. Protecting East-West Traffic with Distributed Firewall & Threat Analytics [ISWS2954]
  4. Service-Defined Firewall Multi-Cloud Security Design [ISCS1030]
  5. VMware End-to-End Zero Trust Architecture [ISNS2953]
  6. IDS/IPS at the Granularity of a Workload and the Scale of the SDDC with NSX [ISNS1931]

Workspace Security

  1. How Management & Security Must Combine to Deliver Secure Digital Workspace [ISWS2945]
  2. VMware Security: VMware Carbon Black Cloud and Workspace ONE Intelligence [ISWS1074]
  3. Expert Roundtable: Implementing Zero Trust – The Digital Workspace Perspective with Peter Björk [ISWS2949]
  4. Productivity Waits on Nowhere: Secure Access Outside the Office [ISWS1742]
  5. Securing Your Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon and VMware Carbon Black [ISWS1786]
  6. Security for Business Continuity and Remote Work [ISNS2893]

Cloud Security

  1. Advancing Your Cloud Security Journey – Putting All The Pieces Together [ISCS1993]
  2. Extending Network and Micro-segmentation to a World of Cloud Native Applications [ISCS2240]
  3. How RSA security engineering helps DevOps teams manage public cloud security risk [ISCS2261]
  4. Keep Misconfigurations Out of Your Public Cloud with VMware Secure State [ISCS1205]
  5. Securing Public Cloud: Ensuring Configuration Security Posture & Compliance [ISCS2956] 

Endpoint & Workload Security

  1. Intro to VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload [ISWL2616]
  2. The “Future Ready” Security Operations Center [ISWS2943]
  3. Comprehensive Workload Security: vSphere, NSX, and Carbon Black Cloud [ISWL2618]
  4. Purpose-Built: Securing vSphere Workloads [ISWS2941]
  5. Vulnerability Management for Workloads [ISWL2755]
  6. XDR EDR: How VMware’s Integrations Re-shape Protecting Your Assets [ISWS2952]

We hope to see you there.

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