Q&A: What is the secret for troubleshooting network issues more efficiently?

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Currently, our team manages configuration, monitoring, and most importantly, troubleshooting, across multiple network devices, cloud services, and more. Ultimately, we must consolidate the spiraling cost of keeping trained IT staff across all our service offerings. Is there a cost-effective solution to consolidate all this knowledge into a specific product offering while maintaining the same level of service our customers expect?

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Unfortunately, that is a quite common problem in today’s service provider arena. Managing and troubleshooting large networks can be complex and time-consuming. Why is that? IT teams struggle with the technical debt associated with keeping up with all these technologies. Everything from recent acquisitions of other branches with legacy equipment to hardware or software refreshes that result in different vendors to a product reaching its end of life all burden your IT staff and increases time to resolution.

What is the endgame? Teams suffer high operational costs in training and maintaining staff, struggle with differing service support agreements from vendors, and experience delays in troubleshooting and resolving complex issues.

VMware SASE Orchestrator reduces this complexity, serving as a one-stop shop for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting your SD-WAN. Beyond the ease of deployment and configuration which I have covered in a previous blog post, there is no need to jump into different command-line interfaces across various vendor operating systems to troubleshoot a potential issue.

Accessible on every VMware SD-WAN Edge through our web-based portal on the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, IT teams leverage Remote Diagnostics to visualize everything from a simple interface status to more complex show BGP advertised routes. Remote Diagnostics also empowers network administrators to seamlessly request VMware SD-WAN Edge interface packet screen captures directly from the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator for a more detailed review – eliminating the need for complex or time-consuming port mirroring setup commands. Additionally, diagnostic bundles from the Edges can be easily generated and provided to VMware SD-WAN Support staff to speed up the debugging of data.

Consequently, by reducing the various vendor interfaces needed to monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve an issue, your IT staff can focus on providing the quality level of service that your customers expect.

And for those who prefer more traditional methods, no worries, you can leverage CLI to manage and troubleshoot your issues instead of Remote Diagnostics.

VMware Orchestrator enables you to perform countless diagnostic tests and corrective actions on VMware Edge devices.

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