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Simplify Automated Reference Deployments in the Cloud with VMware SD-WAN and AWS Quick Start

By Eric Cheung-Young-Sen, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, VMware and Sudha Thillai Govindarajan, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Because today’s enterprise applications and workforce are mostly distributed, reliable connectivity and good network performance across hybrid networks is increasingly important. Enterprises are looking for solutions that provide high bandwidth, low latency, and cost-effective connectivity options to provide consistent and optimal user experiences.

VMware SD-WAN™, a service of VMware SASE™, is the application of software-based network technologies that virtualize WAN connections and offer flexibility, simplicity, performance, security, and cloud scale. VMware SASE and edge services also provide easy deployment, central management and control, and assured application performance.

AWS Cloud WAN is a managed wide-area networking (WAN) service that you can use to build, manage, and monitor a unified global network that connects resources running across your cloud and on-premises environments. It also allows customers to reduce the operational cost and complexity involved with building and managing a global network.

AWS announced the preview release of AWS Cloud WAN during re:invent 2021 with VMware SD-WAN as one of the integration partners. Enterprises can now easily build global hybrid networks with AWS Cloud WAN as the cloud backbone and VMware SD-WAN for last mile connectivity to on-premises locations.

Quick Starts are automated reference deployments built by AWS solution architects and AWS partners. They help customers deploy popular technologies on AWS according to AWS best practices. VMware SD-WAN supports and integrates with AWS Cloud WAN. This joint solution allows customers to deploy highly efficient global networks and establish end-to-end connectivity. VMware is launching a Quick Start reference deployment for VMware SD-WAN and AWS Cloud WAN to provide customers with the necessary automation to quickly and easily onboard this joint solution.

More about AWS Cloud WAN

Modern global networks present multiple challenges to customers including long term carrier network commitments, high operational overhead, and long lead times to expand circuits. AWS Cloud WAN helps customers overcome these challenges and build global networks using AWS global infrastructure.

Customers who are already enjoying the benefits of VMware SASE and edge solutions can now easily attach to AWS Cloud WAN and create highly efficient hybrid networks that connect their data centers, branch offices and cloud workloads globally.

One of the inherent features of VMware SD-WAN is support for network segmentation. With Cloud WAN’s in-built support for segmentation, this joint solution from Cloud WAN and SD-WAN provides end-to-end segmentation to customers globally. For more details on how to achieve this, read our blog Seamless Connectivity from Users to Clouds with VMware SD-WAN and AWS Cloud WAN.

VMware SD-WAN and AWS Quick Start deployment details

The deployment consists of a transit VPC with two VMware SD-WAN Edges deployed as a cluster in different availability zones to achieve high availability.

A Global Network and Core Network Edge (CNE) are created to extend connectivity to workload resources across different regions. The VMware SD-WAN cluster then connects to the Core Network Edge using route-based VPN and extends segmentation all the way from the branch to the AWS Cloud.

This solution will also leverage AWS Lambda to make API calls to the VMware SASE Orchestrator.

Learn more

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  • Visit the AWS Cloud WAN web page


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