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Customer Corner March 2022

We have had yet another great month of content and webinars and we have a bunch more lined up. We would love to hear from you: what future topics would you like to see? Look for our upcoming webinar series covering design and troubleshooting. In the meantime, check out these stories.

  • VMware SASE™ R5.0 released!
  • Tips and Tricks: Validate your config
  • Webinar roundup: Don’t miss our next event: DLP Deep Dive
  • Mobile World Congress roundup
  • Customer story: Surrey and Sussex Police

As always, let us know how we are doing, and please check out the details below. Have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming newsletter? Let us know!

VMware SASE R5.0 update

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest major release, VMware SASE Release This is a major release with multiple features and significant architectural improvements.

Features for IPv6 and throughput capacity for partners

  • IPv6 improvements
    • User-defined overlays for IPv6 and IPv6 dual stack
    • IPv6 business policies
    • IPv6 stateful firewall
    • IPv6 NAT
  • Partner Gateway Handoff with BGPv6 and BFDv6
  • Secure Edge Access + CLI
    • Logged-in user can perform SD-WAN troubleshooting commands

Work from home improvements

  • Firewall source match
    • Firewall rules can now configure a rule for both the interface and the IP address.
  • Data Loss Prevention
    • Prevents data loss to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other data privacy laws
    • Over 350 out-of-the-box dictionaries for inspecting traffic
    • Custom dictionaries may be configured using regular expression or strings
    • Non-compliant activity is reported to designated administrators
  • Self-healing networks
    • The self-healing networks feature analyzes global conditions, detects degradation in real time, and provides the customer with a recommended corrective action that the customer has the option to follow.

Tips and Tricks: Validate your config

This month’s tip comes from our recent webinar held on March 3rd.  Systems engineer Cliff Lane did a deep dive on the Business Policy section, and tech support engineer Jonathan Valverde went deep into the Cloud VPN section.  If you missed it, you can check out the recording for that webinar and all of our previous webinars here

Both Cliff and Jonathan highlighted the usefulness of the Remote Diagnostics page during their live demos.  Specifically, they discussed the List Active Flows and the List Paths features. Using the List Active Flows feature, you see all flows currently moving through the Edge you select. You can also filter to the specific flow you are looking for by IP/port and segment.  The details you see include the source/destination IP and port, application name, link policy used, route the traffic took, and even which business policy was hit. This is extremely helpful when validating that your business policies are working as you intended.

The List Paths feature gives you a list of VPN peering between the Edge you are viewing and other Edges, hubs, or gateways. You also see statistics for each link including bandwidth, latency, and jitter. This is great when you are validating or troubleshooting any cloud VPN configurations, especially when you are using branch-to-branch VPN in your design.   

To get to the feature in the Orchestrator, navigate to the Test & Troubleshoot section, select the Remote Diagnostics page, and then choose an Edge. You will see these two features in the list, along with many others that can help validate or troubleshoot just about anything. 

You can read more about the features available on the Remote Diagnostics page here.

Want to learn more about Data Loss Prevention? Register now for the DLP deep-dive webinar

A screen shot of DLP settings in VMware Cloud Web Security

VMware Cloud Web Security™ prevents sensitive data from leaving the enterprise premises with the introduction of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in February. No more credit card numbers, social security numbers, postal addresses, etc. sent to people or places they shouldn’t go. DLP also helps enterprises adhere to compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other data privacy laws. DLP inspects content, detects exposure of sensitive data, either blocks or monitors it by policy, and provides a detailed audit trail. The solution has a rich dictionary of data identified as sensitive information and it offers the flexibility to create custom definitions.

Join us for a deep dive on our latest SASE security feature. We will show you how to configure and deploy DLP to your Edges to protect your sensitive data wherever your users are.

Mobile World Congress roundup

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram at Mobile World Congress 2022

We had an exciting week at #MWC22! In case you missed it, check out the highlights below:

Customer spotlight: Surrey and Sussex Police

“VMware SD-WAN is a very powerful platform to help us get to the heart of any faults and repair them more quickly.”

Dr. Steve Conn, Technical Project Manager of Connectivity and Security, Surrey and Sussex Police Forces

Surrey Police and Sussex Police have over 8,300 officers and staff serving more than 2 million people in two of the UK’s most densely populated counties. The two police forces work in collaboration in a number of areas including specialist crime and operations to deliver even greater efficiency and effectiveness, improving services and resilience at a reduced cost.

The combined forces are leading the way to secure, streamlined technology systems based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. The organizations needed application performance, security, and cloud connectivity, with less complexity and lower costs. For faster, resilient network connections, an easier method to administer the network, and more flexible operations, they turned to VMware SD-WAN.

Read more about connectivity as a public service in the Surrey and Sussex story here.


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