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VMware SASE R5.0 Now Available: Significant Performance Boost, IPv6, and Self-Healing

By Shefali Chinni, Senior Manager, Product Marketing and Jessica Hatz, Product Marketing Manager

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest major release, VMware SASE Release This release includes updates for VMware SASEservices including VMware SD-WAN, VMware Cloud Web Security, and VMware Edge Network Intelligence™.

The features in this release address networking and security market needs and trends including the cost of scaling, increasing cybersecurity risks, the complexity of IPv6 migration, and the need to help IT departments detect and respond to issues quickly.

Higher performance with low latency for cloud traffic

With cloud gaining traction daily, VMware service provider partners have worked hard to keep up with their end customers’ capacity requirements. Partners often did this by spinning up more VMware SD-WAN Gateways, which provided the needed throughput but incurred extra cost and administrative time.

VMware continues to deliver enhancements to scale, cost savings with performance assurance, and operational simplification for our service provider partners who deploy and operate SASE PoPs with VMware SASE. A new feature, Gateway Performance Improvement, allows partners to create services that scale with increasing cloud traffic—without adding gateways or hardware.

Gateway Performance Improvement provides significantly more throughput capacity in many scenarios and will also support more VMware SD-WAN Edges per gateway. With fewer gateways to manage, partners will save CapEx and OpEx, and experience less operational complexity.

Better protection against security threats

Enterprises are at increasing risk from breaches, vulnerabilities, and data theft. They have no visibility into sensitive information such as credit card data or personal identifying information leaving the enterprise perimeter, which increases security risk. There are no granular controls for data uploads, so enterprises are unable to stop users from uploading or sending sensitive data without restricting the entire application or activity.

Data loss prevention (DLP) helps IT ensure sensitive data does not leave the enterprise perimeter. VMware SASE Release enhances VMware Cloud Web Security with the inclusion of DLP. DLP increases protection against enterprise data leaks by providing enhanced capabilities to detect and prevent sensitive data from exiting the network. This allows enterprises to further safeguard business-critical data, prevent misuse and data theft, and ensure compliance with stringent security requirements including HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.

IPv6 enhancements

There is rising network complexity and challenges with IPv6 migration. Service providers and ISPs have already started provisioning IPv6 addresses for end users’ last-mile connectivity. Enterprises need full IPv6 support to cater to connectivity that’s already provisioned by SPs and ISPs, while service providers also need IPv6 capabilities. And the U.S. federal government plans to require all information systems to be IPv6 compliant by 2023.

VMware SASE Release delivers full IPv6 support to enable an easier IPv6 transition for customers, with flexible deployment options to reduce complexity. Customers can use IPv6 addresses in business policy, firewall rules, 1:1 NAT, and port forwarding.

Self-healing with VMware Edge Network Intelligence and VMware SD-WAN

IT staff spends a lot of time determining, and often manually resolving, root causes of problems. Manual resolution takes time, prolongs the problem, and prevents users from having excellent experiences with their enterprise software.

VMware has taken the first step to analyze global conditions to self-heal, which increases operational efficiency and delivers better user experience for our customers. Self-healing enables customers to quickly detect, understand, proactively respond, and remediate issues with AIOps provided by VMware Edge Network Intelligence.

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For the complete list of features and enhancements in VMware SASE Release, check out the release notes.


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