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Join VMware, AWS Wavelength and Summit Tech at Mobile World Congress 2022

VMware will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – in person this year! Meet us in hall 3, stand 3M11. Before you go, check out our MWC 2022 website and learn more about VMware’s multi-cloud innovation from the core to the RAN, the edge, and the device.

At the show, walk along our 5G boulevard to learn how to monetize next-generation services. One of our featured demos is about Summit Tech’s Odience platform. VMware SD-WAN™, AWS Wavelength and its partner Verizon have teamed up to bring rich, immersive, hyper-personalized experiences powered by Odience to your mobile device.

You will see how Odience uses distributed 5G edge computing to support live extended reality use cases including interactive shopping, concerts, sporting events, and eSports tournaments. Odience provides virtual audiences with a social, immersive high-resolution 360° experience. Summit Tech enables brands, service providers, and content creators with a platform to create and engage communities with high-quality live 8K video, two-way remote participation, and in-stream apps such as e-commerce, chatbots, video calling, and more.

Summit Tech network diagram shows Odience clients connecting to AWS Wavelength through VMware SD-WAN

High-quality connections create the best experiences

This new level of interactivity needs 2-way low-latency connections to enable quality of experience. Summit Tech uses AWS Wavelength with VMware SD-WAN, co-located in a Verizon 5G MEC facility, to provide super-fast, low-latency connections from the user to the cloud. AWS Wavelength extends the AWS cloud to a global network of 5G edge locations, enabling developers to innovate and build a whole new class of applications such as Odience that require ultra-low latency. VMware SD-WAN connects remote users in any location to AWS Wavelength Zones and workloads on AWS Cloud in a reliable, secure, and efficient manner.

Deep application recognition in VMware SD-WAN identifies traffic that needs the lowest latency and routes it directly to the 5G MEC, sending other traffic on different paths.

VMware SD-WAN, part of VMware SASE™, also provides real-time monitoring of 5G network connections. If it detects any connectivity impairment like loss, latency or jitter, it uses Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ to seamlessly steer traffic over the best available path to ensure fast, high-quality service connections. 

The VMware Orchestrator provides a single-pane-of-glass view into your entire network, including AWS locations, with simple and centralized control. VMware Edge Network Intelligence™, the AIOPs component of VMware SASE, helps VMware SD-WAN provide a true picture of end user device experience, including mobile devices, while accessing ultra-low latency applications from anywhere.

Optimizing connectivity with VMware SD-WAN provides a rich end-user experience on any device, and amplifies the benefits of co-locating the Odience stack at the Verizon MEC with 5G.

We look forward to seeing you at Mobile World Congress!

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