Significantly Simplifying Multi-Cloud Management with VMware SASE

Across industry verticals, 97% of enterprises rely on public and private cloud environments.

Adopting this multi-cloud management strategy means using clouds from multiple hyperscalers, with each provider offering a specific application service. As a result, enterprises receive maximum flexibility, agility, and scalability — with significant redundancy and backup capabilities. 

Despite the many benefits of taking a multi-cloud approach, management complexity remains the biggest challenge, according to 74% of IT teams. IT teams need secure, reliable, and efficient access to these multi-cloud services.

In response, teams turn to VMware SASE, combining VMware SD-WAN networking and security with zero trust network access in a consolidated, cloud-delivered service model.

SASE radically simplifies multi-cloud management. It ensures customer traffic seamlessly reaches hyperscalers, empowers traffic to securely traverse between hyperscalers, and provides a software abstraction layer to control and manage networks more efficiently.

Let’s explore a few ways how SASE improves multi-cloud management for enterprises…

Paving a better path to the cloud

Before routing traffic to hyperscalers, most SASE vendors create unnecessary hurdles, either sending traffic to the data center or offering services across multiple hops. How does that impact customers? It introduces productivity-killing latency, fueling major frustration.

Could there be a better way? What if you could go directly to the cloud?

No matter where the user is located and regardless of what type of WAN access links they use, VMware SD-WAN builds an overlay on top of any connection: Broadband, cellular/5G, DSL, satellite, and more. This road bypasses data centers, directly connecting users to the cloud and delivering a seamless experience when they connect to their apps.

What does this road look like? It’s a global network of 150+ VMware SASE PoPs, strategically placed at locations near the doorstep of every major hyperscaler. VMware SASE PoPs integrate networking, security and remote access services as a cloud hosted solution, offering a single stop to provide direct access to multi-cloud destinations.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to access an app in your public cloud instance. Your traffic travels from your device to the nearest SASE PoP strategically located at the front door of your public cloud provider.

Powering a better multi-cloud connection experience

Using VMware SASE is like hitting the “easy button” for connecting between clouds. Simply install a virtual VMware SD-WAN Edge device in each cloud location, or, alternatively, you can use VMware SASE PoPs for point-to-point connectivity. This eliminates your hassle of negotiating with cloud providers to configure and manage individual connections from each remote site in your network to each cloud provider, which substantially slashes your setup time.

What about security? SASE has you covered, providing direct connectivity to the doorstep of different cloud providers, off the Internet and inherently secured.

Simplifying cloud connections

Enterprises want to concentrate more on their business needs instead of focusing on the basic building blocks of cloud connectivity. IT teams don’t want to spend time figuring out the most optimal way to connect to each provider. They need the flexibility of multi-cloud operations without the complexity of managing access to these cloud providers. In fact, 71% of global enterprises use a shared cross-cloud management control plane to help eliminate that burden.

It’s no secret that performing DIY connections to hyperscalers isn’t easy, requiring you:

  • Deploy numerous routers on-premises
  • Understand the nuances of each cloud provider as well as their connectivity constructs
  • Establish peering relationships with the cloud providers
  • Design a secure connectivity option that can scale

What if there was a better alternative? Say hello to the highly efficient, cost-effective, cloud-hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, that offers unified management to hide all the nitty gritty details, showing you what’s truly relevant. So, from an organizational perspective, you don’t need tribal knowledge or logistical expertise in each hyperscaler environment in order to connect your workloads.  

Simplifying your path to the cloud, Orchestrator uses automation for connecting to different hyperscalers from the nearest SASE PoP.

In the backend, Orchestrator leverages APIs to call each cloud provider’s management portals, to enable a peering relationship between a PoP’s gateway and their router.  Alternatively, another approach is to leverage the Virtual Edge deployed in the public cloud provider instance to establish a direct SD-WAN tunnel to all remote sites. This helps you take advantage of DMPO to reliably access the cloud.

We’re excited to see you at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 28 to March 3! Please drop by the VMware booth 3M11 in Hall 3 for a deeper dive into how VMware SASE can help you.

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