VMware Edge Network Intelligence

Open up Insights at the Network Edge for Today’s Use Cases

If you’ve ever been stuck on a jittery Zoom call, you know how important performance and latency are, especially for supporting today’s increasingly hybrid workforce. But enterprise infrastructures are becoming more complex than ever, especially at the edge.

We are seeing a wave of new connected devices, driven by IoT, BYOD, and other initiatives. Many of these devices are mobile, so they might be connecting from anywhere, including home and remote offices. They’re also designed to be cloud- and wireless-first. Key applications that used to be based in on-premises data centers are being consumed as a service, via cloud providers.

Together, these changes are generating massive amounts of data for IT teams to analyze, ensuring device performance as well as the security of their network. This isn’t always easy because organizations are often saddled with technology that wasn’t designed to meet these new demands. Their tools may be outdated or limited by vendor- or domain-specific technologies. These challenges force IT to spend time and energy trying to gather and correlate all their data across different sources to get a full picture of what’s happening in the network.

Enterprise IT operations teams need a simple, automated solution that delivers proactive insights into the network, helping them improve the client application experience for their users, strengthen security, and support self-healing.

Edge Network Intelligence measures, baselines, recommends and remediates connections in any network, including the networks of home-based users. It connects users anywhere to apps everywhere, in any cloud.
VMware Edge Network Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic AIOps solution that delivers a rich client experience.

Today’s work styles require insight at the edge

Six key capabilities are essential for supporting today’s users and their client and IoT devices. An effective solution should:

  1. Deliver a superior application experience for critical applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Zoom. The solution should not only identify an issue when it occurs but perform fault isolation to identify where the issue is occurring in the network—and provide self-healing capabilities.
  2. Provide device operational assurance, with the ability to monitor the performance and the behavior of your critical devices and processes, such as point of sale systems in a retail environment or settings in a manufacturing robot on the factory floor.
  3. Support remote visibility to provide insights for employees working at home offices, small branch offices, and other environments.
  4. Deliver remote site wireless assurance, providing deep insight into client devices and their experience with the wireless LAN.
  5. Support objective SLAs, gathering data to provide quantitative measures of how the network is performing on a per-client and per-application basis, and insights into the impact of changes in the network.
  6. Ensure operational efficiency, improving troubleshooting and quickly identifying the root causes of an issue, as well as potential remediation suggestions. 

VMware Edge Network Intelligence enables a proactive management experience

VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ is designed to close the visibility gap in today’s environments, enabling insights and analytics for end users and IoT devices. This vendor-agnostic solution empowers IT teams to measure each user and IoT device experience for applications, understand their behavior, and establish a baseline for their performance.  

VMware Edge Network Intelligence applies advanced machine learning to correlate across the application stack, then proactively recommends actions and predicts benefits of changes in the network, that could improve performance or improve the user experience.

The solution also helps you move toward a self-healing network that can automatically remediate issues and policy violations. It establishes a feedback loop, to ensure that actions taken are effective in addressing issues.

The VMware Client App provides data from end user devices that are working remotely or working from anywhere. The VMware SASE™ solution, together with VMware SD-WAN™, provides a unified edge and cloud service model, with a single point for managing business policy, configuration, and monitoring.

Finally, application integrations pull data directly from specific applications in VMware Edge Network Intelligence, to help provide a full picture of everything that’s happening, and proactively identify issues.

Putting VMware Edge Network Intelligence to work in health care

Creating more proactive insight into the network at the edge sets the stage for positive outcomes across a wide variety of industries. For example, in a healthcare environment where the availability and performance of IoT medical can impact patient outcomes, VMware Edge Network Intelligence could create an inventory of all client devices, identify them, and gather information about those devices.

More importantly, VMware Edge Network Intelligence can also enable the healthcare team to develop behavioral analytics to better understand the expected behavior for device like medical pumps and monitors—and identify when their performance deviates from baseline, then alert staff if something goes wrong.

Ready to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about VMware Edge Network Intelligence introduction, the VMware Client App, and how they can enable today’s use cases, check out this blog. You can explore a demo video, learn details about the solution components, and access data sheets and other informative resources.


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