NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Linchpin to the Virtual Cloud Network

Author: Sanjay Uppal, vice president and general manager, VeloCloud Business Unit, VMware

Networking and cloud were central to VeloCloud Networks as a company and as an SD-WAN pioneer – we coined the phrase “The Cloud Is The Network.” VeloCloud Networks found success in its software-defined technology that transformed and improved the way in which customers and partners work, live, and conduct business. Using a cloud-delivered model, users are able to unbox their networks and derive tremendous value from VeloCloud’s SD-WAN and to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud and virtualized systems.

VeloCloud SD-WAN continues to transform wide area networks, for enterprises and service providers, and is now an integral part of the VMware NSX portfolio re-branded as VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. The integration of VeloCloud SD-WAN within the NSX portfolio goes beyond re-branding – it provides unique capabilities to deliver end-to-end segmentation and security, network-wide automation and simplicity, assured application performance to every NSX-enabled data center and NSX-enabled cloud provider, while extending NSX to every SD-WAN enabled branch office.

With a complete portfolio offering that combines NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud, NSX Data Center, NSX Cloud, and NSX Hybrid Connect, VMware initiates a significant advancement in enterprise networking with the Virtual Cloud Network. With Virtual Cloud Network, organizations will be able to create an end-to-end software-based digital fabric for connecting and securing applications and data across the entire network in a hyper-distributed world.

In the context of the WAN, Virtual Cloud Networking is the central theme on which the VeloCloud SD-WAN has been built. For VeloCloud, the term Cloud Networking refers to the network of distributed multi-tenant gateways and edges that run at IAAS, Co-lo Cloud Providers and Telco POPs and provide the high-performance and secure SD-WAN service. Virtual refers to the technology used to deploy the VeloCloud Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and stitch them together with other Virtualized services under one consistent business policy. Virtualization provides the isolation (for security), horizontal scaling and faster service velocity by removing the dependence on custom, proprietary hardware.

To learn more about Virtual Cloud Network, read the press release published by VMware or visit the Virtual Cloud Network page on

The Power of NSX and NSX SD-WAN

When we closed the acquisition of VeloCloud in December, I was convinced we were on to something that had the opportunity to be game-changing. I wrote that the integration of NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud with VMware’s network virtualization offering was an ideal match, providing customers with an unrivaled and true end-to-end network solution, from the core and the cloud to the edge of the network, with complete visibility, speed and security, ease of management and deployment, and optimized access for all applications.

Five months post acquisition, I have no doubt this is true, because we’re already seeing the two solutions come together to drive greater combined value for customers. Together, NSX and NSX SD-WAN enable enterprises to simplify, cost reduce, and streamline branch office implementations while enabling key use cases such as extending segments created at the branch seamlessly to the NSX data center, and allowing end-to-end visibility from the data center to the branch. A branch office that is powered by NSX and running NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud can deliver tremendous value by eliminating hardware vendor lock-in and providing an open platform to run network services and even applications in a consolidated fashion. The NSX platform can be leveraged to apply a common set of networking and security policies across all branches.

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