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ESX scheduler support for SMP VMs: co-scheduling and more


ESX supports virtual machines configured with multiple virtual CPUs (for example, ESX 3.x supports up to4 vCPUs). Handling mixed loads of uniprocessor and multiprocessor VMs can be challenging for ascheduler to get right. This article answers some common questions about deploying multiprocessor VMs,and describes the algorithms used by the ESX scheduler to provide both high Read more...

Performance and scalability of virtualized Microsoft Exchange 2003 on VI 3


Many of our customers have already virtualized Microsoft Exchange 2003 on VMware ESX Server 3.  For customers who are considering virtualizing Exchange and want to know what to expect in terms of performance, we’ve published a whitepaper on the performance of Exchange in a virtual environment: The paper presents the results of a joint Read more...

Performance Tuning Guide for ESX 3


Optimizing ESX’s performance is one of the primary tasks of a system administrator. One wants to make the best use of what ESX can offer not only in terms of its features but also their associated performance. Over time a number of customers have been asking us for a single comprehensive ESX performance tuning guide Read more...