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VMmark 3.1 Released

It is my great pleasure to announce that VMmark 3.1 is generally available as of February 7, 2019!

What’s New?

This release adds support for persistent memory, improves workload scalability, and better reflects secure customer environments by increasing side-channel vulnerability mitigation requirements.

Visit our main VMmark HTML page for more information.

Please note that VMmark 3.0 will end of life on March 15th, 2019.

To learn more about VMmark3 see the introductory blog article here

5 thoughts on “VMmark 3.1 Released

  1. Dee Abson

    Thanks for the update! Note that the VMark page link needs fixing.

  2. Avukat

    Has the new version of VMware (3.1) improved the performance of Windows 10? I had purchased a license for the older version. Can I use this license in the new version?

    1. David Morse

      Avukat, VMmark 3.x does not use Microsoft Windows at all (2.x, however, did).

      To quote from the 3.1 User’s Guide: “VMmark 3.0 provided a completely new, highly-automated benchmark installation process; it used free or open-source software throughout, eliminating the need to purchase any software; it replaced DVD Store 2 with DVD Store 3 and added Weathervane, a new application-level cloud performance benchmark; and it added XvMotion as a new infrastructure workload. The workloads and load levels of VMmark 3.0 were completely changed from VMmark 2.x and the benchmark scores were in no way considered comparable.”

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