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Oracle RAC on vSphere 5 Performance Study

We recently worked with EMC's internal IT organization to study the performance of their largest Oracle RAC instance on vSphere 5.  The results revealed that Oracle RAC, when virtualized with vSphere 5, performed within 7% on average of a corresponding physical environment. The chart below highlights the results from these tests.  


The blue bars are for tests done at a regular level of load and the green bars are for tests done at a 2x level of load.  Results are reported in terms of sum total response time in seconds for the variety of different transactions in the tested workload.

For full details about the tests please refer to the paper – Performance Study of Oracle RAC on VMware vSphere 5.

This paper also provides the performance best practices developed and implemented for Oracle RAC on vSphere 5 for these tests. This information can be used to optimize existing and new installations of Oracle RAC on vSphere.

3 thoughts on “Oracle RAC on vSphere 5 Performance Study

  1. Jay Weinshenker

    Compared to previous VMware performance papers by Todd this one seems a little light on details – for example:
    “One of EMC’s largest Oracle RAC databases” – would this be their infamous Oracle ERP system that’s one of the top 10 largest Oracle ERP systems in the world?
    Was this done with RHEL or OL? 5 or 6?
    What IO scheduler and how many different mount points were utilized?
    Regular huge pages (2MB) or 1GB huge pages?
    Were there any changes done to prevent arp flux with arp_filter to prevent private network traffic from going over the Application data Network?

  2. Todd Muirhead

    Jay – Because the system tested was setup as closely as possible to EMCs production system, they asked that we not get into specific configuration details. So you are right this paper has less details than what we normally provide. I will ask them to take a look at your questions and see how much they are willing to talk about.
    In the meantime, I can confirm that this is the ERP system that’s one of the top 10 largest in the world. (I don’t know why you refer to it as infamous). There were lots of mount points utilized (much more than a few). They use raw devices on the native system, so this was also used on the VMs – it made it easy to have a virtual / native cluster as well.
    Thanks – Todd

  3. Jay Weinshenker

    Sorry for the confusion over the word “infamous” – I wasn’t attempting to imply anything bad or dark about the database or EMC or VMware. I was using infamous because this DB and it’s app tier have been featured in other VMware how-to and performance based presentations and to my knowledge it is the largest Oracle E-Business Suite environment in the world that is virtualized with VMware.


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