Network I/O Latency on vSphere 5

Network I/O latency is an important measurement, especially in latency-sensitive applications like those found in industries such as finance and trading, healthcare, transportation, and telecom (in particular, applications using Voice over IP). The end-to-end latency requirements of these applications vary from microseconds to milliseconds. And some of these applications, such as those utilizing Voice over IP, are more sensitive to jitter than end-to-end latency. So an important measurement to consider for vSphere performance in this scope is latency and jitter added due to virtualization.

vSphere performance testing in a recently published white paper shows that there is minimal network I/O latency due to virtualization overhead. The paper looks at several aspects of network I/O latency, including:

  • Latency overhead due to virtualization per VM per round-trip
  • Round-trip latency between two virtual machines on the same vSphere host
  • Impact of using DirectPath I/O on virtual machine response time
  • Impact of resource (CPU, network bandwidth) contention on virtual machine response time

The paper also includes consolidation guidelines and best practices that can reduce network I/O latency in your vSphere system.

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