Site Recovery Manager 5.0 Performance and Best Practices

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0 provides business continuity and disaster recovery protection for VMware virtual environments. Protection can range from virtual machines (VMs) residing on a single, replicated datastore to all the VMs in a datacenter.

A new technical white paper about SRM has been published. In it, we look at several performance characteristics of SRM, including scalability and recovery, and how they behave in an environment that simulates real-life workloads. The paper includes several recommendations to enhance the performance of SRM and reduce recovery time. A couple of recommendations include:

  • It is a good practice to have fewer but larger NFS volumes so that the time taken to mount a large number of such volumes decreases during the recovery. This might also translate to fewer protection groups on your setup leading to reduced recovery time.
  • Configuring VM dependencies across priority groups instead of setting per VM dependencies is usually the best idea because VMs within each priority group will be started in parallel.

Please refer to VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0 Performance and Best Practices for more recommendations, charts, and key takeaways.



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