VMware View 5 Network Optimization

PCoIP is an adaptive protocol that works to deliver the best possible user experience for any given network and CPU constraints. In the majority of environments, this is the desired approach. However, there can be times where individual users or group administrators are interested in different resource utilization policies. For instance, administrators may not want users consuming too much corporate LAN bandwidth streaming youtube videos!

The View PCoIP protocol provides a number of options that can be used to impose these constraints on audio and video streaming operations, while only having a minimal impact on quality:


Setting the maximum frame rate to 15 and the maximum initial image quality to 70 or 80, can reduce the bandwidth associated with video playback by 2 to 4X in the LAN environment. Even with the maximum initial image quality reduced to 70, image quality is good, even for high quality mp4 videos.


Setting the session audio bandwidth limit to 100 can reduce the audio bandwidth by around 5X. Even with this change, audio quality is good.

More details on how to apply these settings (and additional global resource constraint settings) can be found in the View 5 network optimization whitepaper (located here).


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