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Site Recovery Manager Oracle Database Sizing

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a component of the VMware Infrastructure that accelerates recovery for the virtual environment through automation, ensures reliable recovery by enabling non-disruptive testing and simplifies recovery by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and centralizing management of recovery plans.
SRM uses a database to store the protection group settings, recovery plan settings, results for testing recovery plans or actually running a real recovery and much more. Some of the disk space usage is permanent in nature while some of it is transient.
Oracle Database sizing guide is now available for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager at http://www.vmware.com/products/srm/resource.html under the "Tools" category which will assist you in estimating transient as well as non transient disk space usage.
Following input parameters are used to estimate the Database size for both primary and the secondary site.
Number of Protected VMs
Number of Protection Groups
Number of VMs you Plan to Recover
Number of Recovery Plans
Average Number of Protection Groups to be included in each Recovery Plan
Average Number of Test Failovers/Recoveries to perform per month
Average Number of default steps per Recovery Plan
Average Number of "message steps" to be added per Recovery Plan
Average Number of "command steps" to be added per Recovery Plan
Fill in these numbers based on your inventory setup to obtain an estimate about the disk space usage for your SRM Database.
An updated SQL Server Database sizing guide is also available at the same location.
Both these guides (Oracle & SQL server) can be used for SRM 1.0 & SRM 1.0 U1.

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