VMmark 1.1 Released to Partners

Just a quick note to announce that we have released version 1.1 of the VMmark benchmark to our hardware partners. As many of you know, VMmark 1.0 utilized only 32-bit workloads, which was a reasonable mix when the benchmark was first defined roughly three years ago. However, 64-bit applications and OSes are becoming much more prevalent and we need the ability to characterize this more complex reality. To address this, we have transitioned three of the VMmark workloads – Java server, database server, and web server – to 64-bit. In order to maintain comparability with the existing version 1.0 results, we have retained the underlying virtual hardware definitions and load levels for each workload. We need to tie up a few remaining loose ends, but we intend to make VMmark 1.1 generally available very soon. Please stay tuned.


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  1. As with VMmark 1.0, we will provide appliances for the three Linux-based workloads. Due to licensing concerns, we cannot provide them for the Windows-based workloads.

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