VMmark 1.0 Results Page Debuts

Please take a moment to check out the benchmark disclosures posted on
our newly unveiled VMmark results page at
www.vmware.com/products/vmmark/results.html. At the moment, the page
contains results submitted by both Dell and HP using VMmark 1.0. This
data should help customers effectively evaluate virtualization
platforms in a consolidation scenario. There is a nice range of
results ranging from four-core to sixteen-core systems, including
Intel’s just-launched quad-core, quad-socket systems
(Tigerton/Caneland). We are delighted by the strong initial response
to the benchmark from our partners and expect the list of submitted
results to grow.


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  1. It appears that Dell chose to go the externally connected SAS enclosure (DASD) route (MD1000 via PERC 5/E) as opposed to a more traditional SAN setup (EMC Clariion for instance). I would be interested to see their numbers again with SAN attached storage instead.

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