SUN Uses VMmark to Measure X4600 Scalability

Our partners at Sun and AMD have used VMmark to produce an interesting virtualization scaling study of the Sun Fire X4600 Server. You can find a short version of the results at http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4600/VMScaling-Final3.pdf. A longer paper can be found at http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4600/VMScalability-wp.pdf.

One of the primary goals of VMmark is to provide appropriate data to customers as they design and build data centers to support virtualization. Studies like this one can help customers make informed decisions. Stay tuned as we continue working with all of our partners to make more information like this available.


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  1. If SUN was able to benchmark on an x64 server, is this to say that VMmark will work for x64 OS instances now? That would be great for our farm of mostly x64 Windows OSes.

  2. All guest OS instances are 32-bit for VMmark 1.0. One could imagine that a 64-bit workload mix would be a natural extension in a future release.

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