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From Data Center to Cloud to Edge

Abstract, Automate & Secure — From Data Center to Cloud to Edge


By Milin Desai, Vice President of Products, NSBU It feels like only yesterday when we started our journey into networking at VMware. Even from the early beginnings in 2011, it became clear to some of us that the abstraction and operations model of virtualization for compute and memory, which completely transformed the modern data center, Read more...

Real World Use Cases for NSX and Pivotal Cloud Foundry


Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is the leading PaaS solution for enterprise customers today, providing a fast way to convert their ideas from conception to production. This is achieved by providing a platform to run their code in any cloud and any language taking care of all the infrastructure “stuff” for them. From building the container Read more...

Your View into the Incredible Presentations at future:net 2017


For those of you unable to attend future:net 2017 in Las Vegas last month, fear not—what happens in Vegas can sometimes be brought to you on this blog. At this year’s future:net we heard from the technical and networking leaders shaping new network strategies, solutions and innovations.  The latest and greatest from our all-star speakers are contained in Read more...

5 Reasons Why Attending the Transform Security Track at vForum Online is a Must


If you’ve been working in IT for the past few years, you know how much the security landscape has changed recently. Application infrastructures — once hosted in on-premises data centers — now sit in highly dynamic public and private multicloud environments. With the rise of mobile devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and Internet of Things (IoT), Read more...
VMworld Europe

Top 10 Networking and Security Sessions at VMworld Europe


At VMworld Europe 2016, we showed that network virtualization is mainstream and that NSX will illuminate the path to bring your data center into the future with robust security, speed, and agility. One year later, NSX is out to show that it’s not just in the data center anymore… it’s everywhere. Beyond helping you master Read more...

NSX-T: Routing where you need it (Part 1)


  Network virtualization has come a long way. NSX has played a key role in redefining and modernizing networking in a datacenter. Providing an optimal routing path for the traffic has been one of the topmost priorities of Network Architects. Thanks to NSX distributed routing, the routing between different subnets on a ESXi hypervisor can Read more...