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Ensuring Good with VMware AppDefense


co-author Geoff Wilmington Traditional data center endpoint security products focus on detecting and responding to known bad behavior. There are hundreds of millions of disparate malware attacks, with over a million getting added every day.  In addition, there is the threat of zero-day attacks exploiting previously unknown vulnerabilities. It becomes a never-ending race to “chase Read more...

VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 Book Available!


VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 is available for free download! VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 is a concise book that provides the necessary information to guide organizations interested in bolstering their security posture through the implementation of micro-segmentation.VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Day 1 highlights the importance of micro-segmentation in enabling better data center cyber hygiene. It also provides the knowledge and Read more...

Industry First Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark Released


The VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark report has been released! As previewed in part six of the Micro-segmentation Defined – NSX Securing Anywhere blog series , independent cyber risk management advisor and assessor Coalfire was sponsored by VMware to create an industry first Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark report. Coalfire conducted an audit of the VMware NSX micro-segmentation Read more...

Micro-segmentation Benchmark – NSX Securing "Anywhere" Part VI


Welcome to part 6 of the Micro-segmentation Defined– NSX Securing “Anywhere”  blog series. Previous topics covered in this series include • Part I –    Micro-segmentation Defined • Part II –  Securing Physical Environments • Part III – Operationalizing Micro-segmentation • Part IV – Service Insertion • Part V – Context, Visibility, and Containment Previous posts set the Read more...

Micro-segmentation Defined – NSX Securing "Anywhere" – Part I


The landscape of the modern data center is rapidly evolving. The migration from physical to virtualized workloads, move towards software-defined data centers, advent of a multi-cloud landscape, proliferation of mobile devices accessing the corporate data center, and adoption of new architectural and deployment models such as microservices and containers has assured the only constant in Read more...