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NSX-T Edge

Flexible deployment options for NSX-T Data Center Edge VM


Each datacenter is unique and is designed to serve the specific business needs. To serve these business needs, you could have a small or a large ESXi/KVM footprint. NSX-T Data Center can be leveraged to provide networking and security benefits regardless of the size of your datacenter. This blog focuses on a critical infrastructure component of the NSX-T Data Read more...

NSX-T: Multi-Tiered Routing Architecture


Multi-tenancy exists in some shape or form in almost every network, but we’ve come to learn that not every operator or administrator has a unified definition of what that means exactly. For an Enterprise network, it can often be viewed as the separation of tenants based on different business units, departments, different security/network policies or Read more...

NSX-T: Routing where you need it (Part 2, North-South Routing)


In the first part of this blog series, NSX-T: Routing where you need it (Part 1), I discussed how East-West (E-W) routing is completely distributed on NSX-T and how routing is done by the Distributed Router (DR) running as a kernel module in each hypervisor.  In this post, I will explain how North-South (N-S) routing Read more...

NSX-T: Routing where you need it (Part 1)


  Network virtualization has come a long way. NSX has played a key role in redefining and modernizing networking in a datacenter. Providing an optimal routing path for the traffic has been one of the topmost priorities of Network Architects. Thanks to NSX distributed routing, the routing between different subnets on a ESXi hypervisor can Read more...