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Puppet wins VMware Partner Innovation award

Puppet Wins 2017 VMware Partner Innovation Award


Congratulations Puppet on winning the regional VMware Partner Innovation Award! Puppet and VMware have a long history partnering that has borne fruit across multiple dimensions.  Most recently the joint work across vRealize Automation and Puppet Enterprise has delivered value to our common customers in the areas of configuration management and automation.   Recently, we announced Read more...

VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) for Log Insight


VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) is free with Log Insight, but it is a separate virtual appliance (VA) that needs to be deployed (unless you have vRealize Automation which comes with vIDM integrated and Log Insight could then integrate with the vIDM in vRealize Automation.) As Log Insight customers, you are entitled to use vIDM for Single Sign-On and authentication. vIDM is available to all versions Read more...
vrealize business for cloud

vRealize Automation 7.3 Dual NIC Support


VMware vRealize Automation 7.3 introduces the support for two NICs on all nodes. In this blog post, we will cover the steps to configure your vRA environment with dual NICs and look at two vRA 7.3 dual NIC use cases. This blog should be helpful for anyone looking to deploy vRealize Automation 7.3 with dual Read more...
Feature Image for auto-scaling

How to configure Auto-Scaling for Private Cloud


Purpose: Have you checked the auto-scaling feature provided in public cloud solutions like AWS and Azure and wished to get the same feature in your private cloud environment? Do you have an existing private cloud environment or building a new one and want to make it auto-scale enabled? This post covers this exact topic. It Read more...

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3: Cloud Consumption and Showback


vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 is generally available on Jun 13, 2017! You can download the new release here and read the What’s New blog to learn more. For new customers who want to understand how cost management can drive higher cloud efficiency, here is one of the best examples for you.   Use Case: Don’t Run Your IT Read more...

Example analysis badge in the JBoss EAP Management Pack from Blue Medora

3 Reasons Why to Monitor Java Services with vRealize Operations


By: Lora Johnson   Performance problems in your Java services environments can make or break your client applications — often times, causing problems with deploying and implementing Java EE related technologies. No matter if you run a lightweight or large IT environment, these problems can wreak havoc on the functionality of your system across the Read more...

Create public status pages with vROps and Cachet


In our lab environment we have multiple vCenters and provide numerous services to our developers for testing purposes. Being a lab environment means something is always down and when that happens with a vital component such as a vCenter we usually get bombarded with the same question over and over – “Is it working?”. We Read more...