Aria Operations for Logs

Integrating Google VMware Cloud Engine with VMware Aria Operations for Logs SaaS

With our May release of VMware Aria for Logs SaaS, one of our principal new features is the ability to send logs from Google Cloud VMware Engine to Aria Operations for Logs. This integration allows you to leverage the power of our Aria Operations stack to monitor and troubleshoot all of our VMware cloud environments.


You will need to deploy a VMware cloud proxy to your GCVE environment and verify the required ports are opened in your firewall to send traffic to Aria Operations for Logs. Steps on deploying the proxy can be found here.

Once the proxy is deployed, you’ll see it communicating with Aria Logs under the ‘Cloud Proxies’ section of ‘Configuration’

With this step complete, we can add our GCVE vCenter under ‘vSphere Integration’ using a solutions user account from the GCVE Center.

In this example, I have tagged the incoming events with the tag ‘cloud=gcve’ so they are easy to query once the logs start to come in.

Querying and Using your GCVE Events

Now that we are configured, we can run a simple query in the Log Explorer that contains the field ‘cloud’ that contains the tag ‘gcve’, and we should see our GCVE events flowing in.

From here, we can create some basic queries to identify things like errors, account logins, and other important events, and put them in a custom dashboard.

It’s that simple to send your Google Cloud VMware Engine logs to Aria Operations for Logs! If you subscribe to both products, please try out our integration and let us know how we did. Feedback via our Aria Operations for Logs user interface is always encouraged and appreciated.


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