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What’s New in VMware Aria Operations for Logs 8.10 (Formerly vRealize Log Insight)

We have some exciting new features for our latest release of Aria Operations for Logs! The new reporting capabilities have been a major ask since early versions of Aria Operations for Logs, and now they’re here and they look great. We also have a new API to manage reports, as well as usage reports and some new webhook features. Please read below for details on each new feature.

Email Reporting of Dashboards

Aria Operations for Logs now has the capability to email reports based on custom or out of the box dashboards. If you need a quick glance at a certain set of data to verify if there are no errors in a process, or if there are no failed root logins on your machines, you can configure a report to show you that information with just a few clicks.

Reports are delivered as a PDF file and contain all the same information as the dashboard that you chose to create the report.

Usage Reporting

Usage reporting is now more comprehensive, with a new section in Aria Operations for Logs that will give you details on your ingestion and usage patterns.

Webhook Proxy

We know that a lot of users require webhook output to traverse the internet to a cloud provider. Our new proxy for webhooks simplifies this process by routing all Aria Operations for Logs webhook requests through our proxy, and then out to the internet, so that we only need to send and receive from one single endpoint.

Content Migration

You can now migrate content like Dashboards, Queries, Alerts and Extracted Fields from vRealize Log Insight (on-premise) to vRealize Log Insight Cloud by using vRealize Cloud Connect. For more information, see How to migrate vRealize Log Insight using vRealize Cloud Connect.

Email reporting, usage reporting, content migration, and our new webhook proxy are the three biggest announcements for our Aria Operations for Logs 8.10 release, but we have also made a host of improvements to performance and added new APIs at the back end to compliment these new features. So please download our new version of Aria Operations for Logs and give it a try in your environment!


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