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vRealize True Visibility Suite: The Essentials Album

After the acquisition of the True Visibility Suite from Blue Medora, I was looking through some blog posts from over the years and I came across some really great posts that highlight everything that makes these integrations so critical to the physical infrastructure monitoring landscape. But it just felt wrong that some of these posts could be discounted because of their age, or the version of vRealize Operations in the screen shots. These blogs are still essential to the core execution of hybrid cloud monitoring.

Last Saturday while I was getting caught up on a few things around the house, The Beatles Essentials playlist on Apple Music was playing, and it hit me… it’s time for the vRealize True Visibility Suite Essentials playlist! So, over the next few weeks, my colleague Tim George and I will be re-mastering and bringing you the “best of” in heterogeneous, hybrid cloud monitoring. Everything from optimizing alerts and proactive monitoring strategies to creating world-class custom dashboards.

The Essentials: Track 1

This week’s song, the most recent addition to my “Essentials” album: vRealize True Visibility Suite 1.0.

In October, we released VMware’s very first vRealize True Visibility Suite for customers looking to monitor storage, compute, network, apps and databases in vRealize Operations. If you’re new to the solution, take a quick look:

As you can see, when it comes to boosting IT productivity through monitoring your hybrid cloud environments, vRealize True Visibility Suite makes it easy to extend vRealize Operations. By adding in your infrastructure, business critical applications and databases alongside your virtual environment you are able to build a single pane of glass to deliver deeper, more intelligent analytics.


Adding Extensibility to vRealize Operations

In the view below, you can see all of the items in blue are additions brought in by vRealize True Visibility Suite. As management packs are installed, these auto-discovered relationships bring a real view to how each piece of your stack is connected and interacting with another.

With this kind of data depth and context, vRealize Operations can become your centralized data center operations monitoring platform. By adding vRealize True Visibility Suite, you’ll get the industry’s widest breadth of coverage across applications, database, virtualization/cloud, compute, network and storage, so you can:

  • Reduce cross-team friction by eliminating mean-time-to-identify (MTTI) hunts through, siloed infrastructure tools.
  • Clear up alert storms with built-in policies that disable alerts for your dev environment and other less-critical resources.
  • Drill down to native-tool details to find noisy neighbors, bandwidth vampires and bad queries impacting virtual machine performance.

As we rediscover our favorite tracks over the next few weeks, we hope you’ll join us as we dive into the different areas of your stack to ensure your IT operations are as auto-tuned as a Cher song from the late 90s.


Update: Track 2: The Importance of Relationship Mapping


If you’re looking to start monitoring your servers, storage, network, apps and databases in a single tool, start your vRealize True Visibility Suite Free Trial today.


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