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vRealize Network Insight Cloud joins VMware Cloud Provider Hub

VMware announced today that vRealize Network Insight Cloud is now available via the VMware Cloud Provider Hub.
This new opportunity will allow Service Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer network, application, and security visibility as a service for either VMware SD-WAN infrastructure or for overall Data Center infrastructure.  Partners who have tenants and end-customers who need visibility end-to-end, then both offers can be used to complete visibility across VMware SD-WAN as well as the Data Center.

What is VMware Cloud Provider Hub?
VMware Cloud Provider Hub allows Service Providers to easily deploy, provision, and manage various VMware services for their tenants and customers.  MSPs who leverage vRealize Network Insight Cloud with Cloud Provider Hub will find that they can simplify managing their tenants and customers to easily deploy network visibility and analytics services so MSP staff and resources can focus on monetizing these network services.   vRealize Network Insight Cloud on Cloud Provider Hub will allow MSPs to easily add, edit, manage, remove tenants as well as other operational tasks for their tenants.   Because vRealize Network Insight Cloud is a SaaS, new features and functionality are continually added which require no maintenance for the MSP.  Each tenant will have their own separate and secure instance of vRealize Network Insight Cloud.


Figure 1.  MSP tenant dashboard view which shows each tenant instance of vRealize Network Insight Cloud that the MSP has onboarded.


What are the vRealize Network Insight Cloud benefits for MSPs and Cloud Providers?

Monitor VMware SD-WAN infrastructure and offer tenants these services:
• Visibility across the Edges and branch
• Managing network and security across branch and SD-WAN
• Application discovery and performance optimization
• Application and network health monitoring
• Connectivity, path visibility and hotspot detection
• Intuitive troubleshooting and out-of-the-box analytics
• Access to an MSP dashboard for visibility into network and security
• Capacity Planning
• Timeseries historic insights
• Configuration change management
• Policy visibility into SD-WAN business policies and metrics

Monitor Data Center infrastructure and offer tenants these services:
• Managing network and security across private clouds, public clouds (Azure, AWS, and VMware Cloud on AWS)
• Application discovery and migration
• Ability to audit changes to the security posture and ensure compliance
• Troubleshooting quickly across virtual and physical network and security infrastructure
• Managing and scaling NSX deployments with confidence
• Reducing business risk by mapping application dependencies during application migration planning
• Accelerating performance of business-critical applications by optimizing networks and eliminating bottlenecks
• Monitoring Kubernetes and troubleshooting connectivity issues between containerized workloads


Network engineers, security practitioners, network architects, and planners will now have a simple, unifying solution to handle any environment. VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud offers this flexibility and support of multiple vendors to discover, optimize, and troubleshoot app security and network connectivity across disparate critical infrastructure across VMware SD-WAN and data centers.


Next Steps

Visit the new vRealize Network Insight Cloud webpage on VMware Cloud Provider Hub to learn more and sign up to deliver network visibility and analytics services to your tenants.  For details on the Cloud Provider Program and other partner programs, reach out here.




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