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Now Available: vRealize Network Insight Cookbook!

I’m very excited to announce that the vRealize Network Insight Cookbook is now available! After one year of research and writing, 51.142 words, 280 pages, and 107 draft versions later, it’s here!

Whether you’re a beginner with vRealize Network Insight or a pro, the Cookbook will have content you can put to use. Expect a lot of technical information. The why, how, and what of vRealize Network Insight gets a turn, but it’s mostly a technical deep dive. Topics like the internal architecture, troubleshooting the platform, the composition of the search engine, how to use specific features and data, what to configure, how to automate against vRealize Network Insight, and much more.

NOTE: All proceeds will go to the Red Cross, NAACP, and ACLU. Learn about Network Insight, while also contributing to something good.

Level up with the Cookbook; you’ll be a Network Insight Samurai and will have enough tips and tricks to become a better network & security engineer.

Your primary source for the Cookbook is Leanpub.com/networkinsight. If you’d like to get a physical copy, a paperback is available on Amazon.

vRealize Network Insight Cookbook - Digital

vRealize Network Insight Cookbook - Paperback

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