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Is Your IT Operations Ready for Cloud?

Are you wondering if the cloud operating model is right for your organization? A majority of those participating in a survey said they view public cloud management as more difficult than on-premises, according to the 2019 Enterprise Strategy Group Hybrid Cloud Trends report. In the vRealize Operations Cloud eBook, “Is Your IT Operations Ready for Cloud?”, it walks you through three stages of the cloud journey – virtualization, private cloud to hybrid cloud, and multiple public clouds. Progressing through each stage can unlock new capabilities, but it can also bring new complexities. The eBook shows how vRealize Operations Cloud simplifies and streamlines your journey, no matter where you are. To help make decisions, this blog walks you through several steps on the journey to cloud.


Step 1:  Assess Your Business Need

No two organizations are the same, and getting cloud adoption right takes some solid planning. Start by assessing your business need and identifying where you are in your journey. Each stage of your journey builds on the foundational capabilities and serves as a stepping stone to your next stage, and let’s begin by answering some questions.

  • Virtualization: Do you run on-premises operations in a virtualized data center today yet have an interest in operating at cloud scale and efficiency? Are you unsure how to get started with cloud?
  • Private Cloud to Hybrid Cloud: Do you want to take the next digital transformation step and move beyond a private to a hybrid cloud? Are you concerned about balancing developer agility with IT control?
  • Multiple Public Clouds: Are you interested in continuing to push innovation models with a multi-cloud environment? Are you concerned about clouds becoming silos?


Step 2:  Address Your Journey to Cloud

Choose a strategy that works best for your team and adds value at each stage of your cloud adoption journey. Wherever you are on your organization’s modernization journey and which workloads you plan to migrate to cloud, VMware vRealize Operations Cloud supports your business. Here’s how vRealize Operations Cloud can help empower your organization.


Virtualization: Planning for cloud adoption

  • vRealize Operations Cloud provides strategic resourcing and low barrier-to-entry capabilities that ease your adoption of private cloud and SaaS.


Private/Hybrid Cloud: Controlled cloud adoption with interest in public cloud extension

  • vRealize Operations Cloud includes app to infrastructure visibility, Day 2 operations, and cost improvement capabilities that lower your operational burdens while keeping IT in control.


Multiple Clouds: Actively running one or more public clouds with interest in improving optimization and adding new capabilities

  • vRealize Operations Cloud offers unified visibility, troubleshooting and cost management capabilities that break down organizational silos for scalability and IT resiliency.


Step 3: Deliver SaaS Advantages for Your IT Operations

Cloud success depends on how effectively and efficiently you can manage workload agility and costs. Legacy IT operations solutions, designed before the introduction of cloud, are ill-equipped to ensure you enjoy consistent operations across infrastructure. The software-as-a-service approach of vRealize Operations Cloud empowers you and your organization to manage your virtualized workloads everywhere they run, delivering significant value—from agility and scalability to speed and flexibility.


Next, be the guide for your organization to improve operational agility and provide faster innovation on your cloud journey. vRealize Operations Cloud delivers the same capabilities as on-premises and the same features in the enterprise edition of the latest release.

To learn more about cloud adoption research trends and the detailed vRealize Operations Cloud journey recommendations, read the eBook, “Is Your IT Operations Ready for Cloud?”.  If you know your next step and it’s with vRealize Operations Cloud, request a trial and get started now.




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