I am very excited to introduce a new fling: the vCenter plugin for vRealize Network Insight!

This fling integrates vRealize Network Insight data directly into vCenter, allowing you to view a dashboard of networking information relevant to that vCenter, and acting as a springboard to the full interface of vRealize Network Insight.

vCenter plugin for vRealize Network Insight dashboard

Detailed installation instructions are located on the fling page, here.

I want to thank Ayesha Karim, Manoj Krishnan, and Revathy Subburaja for their hard work on making this plugin a reality, and Ajay Kalla and Raminder Singh for their creativity! Let’s not forget the flings team.

As this is version 1.0 of the vRealize Network Insight plugin for vCenter fling, we have some exciting ideas for the upcoming releases; stay tuned!