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vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) – Revamped and Improved User Experience

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) is an SDDC assessment that shows the value of vRealize Operations with actionable reports on the customer environment. We are very excited to announce that we hit a major refresh button for VOA in vRealize Operations 6.7. VOA can now be accessed from Quick Start page within vRealize Operations 6.7, with additional reports to highlight new and improved capabilities and easy one-click report generation. Our goal is to make this assessment easy to perform, show high value SDDC recommendations and help customers get started towards self-driving operations journey. Learn more about latest release of vRealize Operations 6.7.


vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) is a strong partner driven SDDC assessment that empowers the partners to revisit their vSphere install base to help with their cloud management needs, perform hardware refresh and add professional services. Essentially, VOA cements the role of partners and technical sales engineers as a trusted advisor to their customer.  With this release, VOA takes advantage of the new capacity engine in vRealize Operations to reduce it into a two day event. VOA would continue to be a two or multi-touch process, which gives the partners more customer facetime to address their needs.

Here are some major improvements to VOA –

Easier to use with one-click report generation

Revamped and expanded reports with easy to understand content

Highlights vRealize Operations new capabilities and features

Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

Easy To Use


The VOA can now be found built in to vRealize Operations under the new Quick Start page.  As you can see below, this link brings you to a new dashboard for VOA with a set of report categories, overview, report contents and links to related vRealize Operations pages for more detail.


Also included is a new Run Report button that allows you to easily produce a report and download it right from the dashboard.  You can also locate and download previously run reports to compare and review.


Expanded Reports


Two more reports have been added to the VOA and each of the reports has been reworked to provide a more elegant and helpful format.  Here’s an example from the Configuration Assessment Report, showing a typical report page with two graphics and a description that includes an explanation of what you are viewing, why it is important information to understand and where you can get more information in vRealize Operations.

While recreating the reports we asked some customers for feedback and help in understanding how to make the reports more useful.  The result is a better set of reports, that are shorter and have greater impact.

Highlighting 6.7 Capabilities

Finally, we wanted to make sure that VOA aligned and showcased the newest capabilities of vRealize Operations 6.7, including the new capacity engine and cost visibility.  You will notice that each of the reports aligns to one of the persona-driven sections on the quick start page to the reports give you role-based results and guidance.  Here’s a screenshot showing a page from the Capacity Assessment report that provides cost savings based on recommended reclamation.


This is a major milestone in making VOA a great customer engagement tool to our partners and will continue improving it. VOA with vROps 6.7 will enable our partners to put their customers on a journey towards self-driving operations for their software defined data center.

We have created new videos on overview and report discussion. Be sure to check it out. Also, familiarize with vRealize Operations with these videos.Get started today with this free assessment! If you are a partner, you can find everything you need in the partner central.

Learn more about what VOA can do for you!


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