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Introducing vRealize Technical Guides

Quick!  Bookmark this link – you’ll thank me later.  What did you just bookmark?  Only the best new repository for technical information on vRealize Operations.  The vRealize Technical Guides provide videos, demos and more for you to learn about and get the most out of vRealize Operations 6.7 whether you are a new customer, considering vRealize Operations or an experienced vR Ops Ninja!  Everything you need to know about the latest release is here.

A word of warning, though.  If you are looking for a sales pitch with flowery marketing language, then vRealize Technical Guides is not for you.  This site is for the admin who needs to get things done and make things happen.

Guided Tour


There is a lot of great new and improved content in vRealize Operations 6.7.  Why not take a guided tour and learn about it all, at your own pace, with videos and click-through tours that explain each new feature in detail before you dive in?

The Guided Tour section in vRealize Technical Guides provides everything you need to know about the latest capabilities and features, like performance and capacity optimization, cost assessment and more.


Evaluate vRealize


Knowing about all the great features in vRealize Operations is awesome, but what’s more important to customers is how vRealize Operations can help with the daily routines of keeping VMs happy, avoiding the pitfalls of unplanned growth and making sure you are meeting SLAs for the business and operational intents.

The Evaluate vRealize section provides you with practical examples of solving these real-life challenges.  Here the chapters are organized as use-cases that are similar to challenges you may face.


Feeling SaaS-y?


You’re probably aware that VMware is building a set of Software-as-a-Service offerings for cloud operations and management.  Maybe you are considering using those services, such as Wavefront or Log Intelligence.  The vRealize Technical Guides has you covered with a section dedicated to SaaS offerings.  Here you can learn how to configure and use these solutions to improve the value they offer and increase your own knowledge about what these products actually do for customers, so you can make informed decisions about using SaaS for your own organization’s needs.

But Wait, There’s More


No, not a set of free steak knives but something better.  The Additional Learning category is a bit of a catch all, but serves to provide up-to-date information on installation, upgrades, how-to and more.  Be sure to cruise through to see what’s new.

So, check it out and let us know what you think.  If you have ideas for additional content, videos, demos feel free to drop me an email or send me a tweet.  This site is for you, so your feedback will help us make it valuable to you and the entire VMware community!


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