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New Contest : Share Your vROps 6.6 Upgrade Story

The VMware Communities is running a contest on vRealize Operations 6.6 (vROps 6.6). Make sure you check it out and participate by sharing your upgrade experience. Top winners will get exciting prizes!

Click HERE to Share Your Story

If you are all excited about our new release of vROps 6.6 and have already upgraded, please share your story. We are running a contest through July 2017 to spotlight the top 3 stories in our upcoming blog. The top 3 winners will be selected to get a 1:1 training workshop for your entire team with our product experts.

Top 5 reasons to upgrade to vROps 6.6:

  •     Simple to use and more efficient
  •     Fully automated workload balancing
  •     More Dashboards Out of the Box
  •     Tighter Integration with VSAN, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Business for Cloud
  •     Better look and feel with HTML5 Clarity UI

Watch this 5-min video to learn how to upgrade!


Post your success story in the VMware Communities forum answering these simple questions:

  •     Why did you upgrade to vRealize Operations 6.6?
  •     What benefits have you seen from this upgrade?
  •     What best practices can you share with your peers?

Click HERE to Share Your Story

Judge Criteria: Most interesting best practices, upgrade themes into any of the 5 reasons above.

Once you upgrade, watch these videos to get the most out of vROps 6.6

  • Getting Started Dashboards (video) These Persona-Based dashboards allow the user to look at five categories for a quick access to valuable information: Operations, Capacity & Utilization, Performance Troubleshooting, Workload Balance, and Configuration & Compliance.
  • Troubleshooting of VM (video):  Bringing together log analytics with vROps 6.6, you are able to troubleshoot across structured and unstructured data in one place. Tackle issues faster with grouping alerts.
  • Workload Balancing (video): Validate and modify DRS settings, rebalance unbalanced data centers or custom data centers, and automate. This is the enhanced experience allow you to eliminate performance bottleneck & increase capacity efficiency.

Look forward to exciting stories! Go vROps 6.6 Ninja!!


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