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What’s New: VMware vRealize Operations 6.5

VMware vRealize Operations 6.5 – What’s New!

VMware’s latest release of vRealize Operations delivers new capabilities to accelerate time to value, manage deployments at scale and collaborate with other data center tools.

Speed Time to Value with New Product Integrations

  • Troubleshoot faster using both metrics and logs with enhanced vRealize Log Insight integration
    • Integrate with vRealize Log Insight using the Logs tab in vRealize Operations
    • Correlate logs and metrics side by side, and in-context, for any monitored object
    • Leverage our integrated troubleshooting workflow

Learn how you can troubleshoot faster

  • Understand private-cloud costs and public-cloud spends
    • Integrate with vRealize Business for Cloud via Business Management tab in vRealize Operations
    • Communicate IT data in business terms including costs and consumption
    • Plan cloud deployment spend better with cost comparison across multiple clouds

Learn more about operations and business alignment

  • Automate upgrade of in-guest End Point Operations agents via simple user interface
    • No manual steps
    • Zero agent and collection downtime
    • Asynchronous upgrade and agent rollback on upgrade failure


Optimize Scale and Performance

  • Enable full-scale for predictive Distributed Resource Scheduler (pDRS) deployments
  • Monitor more with the same vRealize Operations deployment
    • Scale up as you grow by increasing memory instead of configuring more nodes
    • Monitor a larger environment in the same footprint with new platform optimizations
    • Deploy larger nodes with simplified deployment architecture and increased performance, including the new XL node
  • SNMP v3 support
  • Updated security mandates


Make vRealize Operations the Collaboration Hub of the Data Center

  • Simplify connection with other systems using Webhooks and more than 10 out-of-the-box shims
  • Keep your global teams updated on any size environment by sending key performance alerts and event notifications
    • Chat rooms: HipChat, Slack (multiple team/channels)
    • Ticketing: ServiceNow
    • Notification tools: PagerDuty
    • Automation tools to take action: vRealize Orchestrator
    • Others: Bugzilla, Jenkins, OpsGenie, PushBullet and more

vRealize Operations 6.5


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