This video provides an overview of the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study for VMware vRealize Intelligent Operations. VMware vRealize Intelligent Operations is comprised of vRealize Operations Advanced, vRealize Log Insight, and vRealize Business for Cloud.

The purpose of the TEI study is to provide readers with a framework and quantifiable data and analysis to evaluate the potential financial impact of deploying VMWare Intelligent Operations.

Please refer to my previous Blog detailing the findings of the TEI study for more information.


Checkout our new video summarizing the findings:

Challenges prior to VMware Intelligent Operations

IT operations team struggled to manage its growing infrastructure

1. “Constant care and feeding”

2. Could never break out of firefighting-mode

3. Relentlessly battling a growing ticker of service incidents

4. Difficulty in searching for underlying root causes

As a Result

1. Capacity ebbed and flowed

2. Virtual machines red-lining during peak periods

The team needed a solution to reduce its number of tickets and improve availability, which VMware Intelligent Operations/vRealize Suite Standard solved beautifully

Intelligent Operations TEI Composite Organization

Adoption of Cloud Management Results

  • A 20% improvement in operational efficiency
  • Over 10% savings in hardware costs
  • A 75% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Three-Year Risk-Adjusted Results
    • ROI: 119%
    • Payback: 3Months
    • NPV: $1.4M

Visibility across the infrastructure

  • Provided the IT team with a comprehensive picture of the physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Visibility includes workload distribution, log analytics, and costs
  • Providing real-time performance and health metrics.
  • Helped empowered the team to solve incidents more quickly and work more efficiently

Improved performance and capacity optimization

  • Automatically balances workloads and resolves contention
  • Optimizing existing capacity
  • Reduces the number of physical servers required to operate its virtual machines
  • Improves performance of the existing infrastructure
  • Improved performance reduces the number of service incidents, driving further efficiencies

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