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Hitachi Device Manager

Hitachi Device Manager software unifies and simplifies storage management and gives you full control of your storage.

Device Manager supports multiple management views, including physical, logical, NAS head, host and virtual server for provisioning, and storage pooling for primary and secondary storage. For more information about Hitachi Storage, visit Hitachi Storage device manager datasheet .

Hitachi Storage Content pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight collects, imports, and analyzes logs to provide real-time answers to problems related to systems, services, and applications, and derive important insights.

To fully leverage the power of this content pack Hitachi Storage Subsystem is required. In addition, the Hitachi Storage Device manager must be configured and enable syslog setting.

Additional information and context

• Query notes: Each dashboard widget includes information about the widget and any other information making it possible to understand the data presented.
• Inventory: The Overview dashboard quantifies results seen through Hitachi Storage Device manager audit logs making it simple to ensure complete environment monitoring.
Minimum requirements
VMware Log Insight 3.0

Hitachi Device Manager Overview dashboard
Hitachi Device Manager Overview dashboard

Track changes and isolate security threats

• Configuration management: Track user-initiated changes and automated Hitachi Storage actions through the Configuration dashboard.
• Environmental changes: Get a complete picture from the Configuration dashboard or see more specific information like what ldev replication are being performed through Replication.
• Security: The Storage – Security dashboard allows you to find who is logging into Hitachi Storage devices from which locations and through what means.

Hitachi Device Manager HCP dashboard
Hitachi Device Manager HCP dashboard

Proactive monitoring of your Hitachi Storage Subsystem Environment

• Quickly identify issues: The Overview dashboard gives you a single pane of glass to find problems in your Hitachi Storage environment while the Provisioningdashboard does the same to isolate provisioning task issues.
• Drill down to determine the root cause: Dashboard filters make it easy to see logs from specific parts of your Hitachi Storage Subsystem environment.
• Easily consume data: Powerful and dynamic visualizations make it possible to detect anomalies, perform trending analysis, and pinpoint specific issues through targeted queries.
• Alerts: Know what to monitor in your Hitachi Storage audit logs and get notified when such events are detected.

Hitachi Device Manager Setup
Hitachi Device Manager Setup


The updated content pack can be found on the solutions exchange or via your Log Insight Server’s Content Pack Marketplace UI.

VSX – Hitachi Storage Device Manager content pack on Solution Exchange






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