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Unveil VMware Customer Reviews about Cost Savings

Unveil VMware Customer Reviews about Cost Savings using vRealize Operations

Wondering how to achieve cost savings with vRealize Operations?

Lets take a look at this Data Center environment. Exhibit below.

This is a quick snapshot of our data center using vRealize Operations and specifically we are looking at your opportunity to reclaim capacity to save costs through the Reclaimable Capacity Breakdown view.

  • The top section of this view highlights the amount of vCPU, Memory, and Disk Space that we can reclaim, and lists the associated numbers and percentages.
  • The bottom section of this view provides more details and breakdowns. Here, we list the Virtual Machines and the reason some portion of capacity can be reclaimed. Some can be a result of an Idle VM, some can be a result of a Powered Off VM, and others can be a result of Virtual Machine Right Sizing, in this case oversized.

Cost_Savings with vRealize OperationsIdentifying reclaimable capacity directly translates to cost savings and to capital cost avoidance when managing your Data Center. Some companies choose to purchase new virtual or physical assets when they need to start a new project. Fortunately, you have now the option of converting existing assets into available resources using vRealize Operations.

Have you been missing out cost savings for your data center? Read Customers reviews…

A recent TechValidate study shows that about 60% of surveyed VMware customers have saved 21%-40% or more on infrastructure costs (compute, network, storage) by using vRealize Operations. The product capabilities provide visibility into the infrastructure health across the virtual and physical data center identifying reclaimable assets that you can use to achieve cost savings. You can try for free a 60-day trial and start seeing value.

TechValidate-vRealize Operations_Cost Savings

vRealize Operations_Cost Saving Testimonial

Large or small companies are seeing the benefits of vRealize Operations in less than a week. Do not hesitate to start seeing value within your own environment, you can try a free 60 day trial and ask our product experts.

vRealize Operations_Cost Savings Testimonial

Be the first to show cost savings for your data center. Try for free vRealize Operations.


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