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vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite Pricing, Packaging and Licensing Changes: 2016

vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite Pricing, Packaging and Licensing Changes

Q1 2016 vRealize Suite 7.0 and vCloud Suite 7.0 Licensing, Packaging and Pricing Updates

To better serve our customers managing today’s cloud environment, we have vastly simplified the packaging of our cloud management and compute virtualization product portfolio. Our core product lines now consist of vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite.

Whether you are looking at managing a simple vSphere-based on-premises environment, a full software-defined datacenter, or a complex hybrid cloud environment, the new offerings will help you meet your goals easily.

New licensing for managing hybrid clouds and heterogeneous environments

VMware is introducing a new licensing metric, called a Portable License Unit (PLU), for vRealize Suite 7.0 and vCloud Suite 7.0.

A PLU allows you the flexibility to use the same vRealize Suite license type to manage workloads in a vSphere environment or in a non-vSphere environment, such as any VMware supported public cloud (for example AWS, vCloud Air, vCloud Air Network Partners), third-party hypervisor and physical servers.

Specifically, one PLU allows vRealize Suite to manage unlimited virtual machines deployed on one on-premises vSphere CPU or up to 15 Operating System Instances (OSIs) deployed in any non-vSphere environment mentioned above, but not both at the same time.

Portable License Unit

Portable Licensing delivers the optimum usage of licenses for your current and future needs even when your environments change. Irrespective of where the workloads reside, the same license type can be used to manage them.

For more information on VMware Portable License Unit, refer to this document.

Choose the right management solution based on your requirements

We offer three vRealize Suite editions, each catering to distinct use cases and delivering the capabilities to meet specific technical, environmental, and budgetary requirements.

vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite Pricing
vRealize Suite Lineup

If you are highly virtualized and are looking to improve operational efficiency and application performance and availability, vRealize Suite 7.0 Standard is the right offering for you. It includes full SDDC monitoring, custom dashboards, log analytics, and hybrid cloud comparison and costing features.

Once you are already monitoring your private or hybrid cloud environment, vRealize Suite 7.0 Advanced can enable you to automate delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure services. In addition to all the features in the Standard edition, vRealize Suite 7.0 Advanced includes infrastructure automation and cloud business planning features.

Finally, if you have DevOps initiatives and plan to automate the delivery and management of the full application stack across clouds, choose vRealize Suite 7.0 Enterprise. In addition to all the features in the Advanced edition, vRealize Suite 7.0 Enterprise adds application monitoring and application automation features.

All editions of vRealize Suite 7.0 are licensed as Portable License Units.

Full SDDC management, hybrid cloud management and Portable Licensing is available in vCloud Suite 7.0

The good news doesn’t just end with vRealize Suite. With this launch, vCloud Suite 7.0 now includes all capabilities of vRealize Suite 7.0 and is another way for customers to acquire vRealize Suite, when they want to expand their vSphere infrastructure.

vcloud suite lineup
vCloud Suite Lineup

vCloud Suite 7.0 provides all the goodness of vRealize Suite i.e. SDDC management, portable licensing, and hybrid cloud management and that of vSphere Enterprise Plus. You can use the vRealize Suite component included in vCloud Suite 7.0 to manage any environment – private or public cloud, vSphere or non-vSphere. The choice is yours!

Existing vCloud Suite customers, get all new capabilities in vCloud Suite 7.0 while retaining all functionality in vCloud Suite 6.0

Existing vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite customers, with active Support and Subscription (SnS), retain all the features they already own with vRealize Suite 6 and vCloud Suite 6. They are also entitled to all the new capabilities available in version 7.0, including Portable Licensing.

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